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  • From Mindanao with Love

    After a week of our #TabangGikanSaMindanao campaign, the Formula for Help had finally sailed to Northern Cebu last Sunday, November 17!  This is again, for the goal of coming to an aid to super typhoon Yolanda survivors.  For a week, #TGSM had raised a total of 673 packs of the Formula for Help for Visayas! Isn’t it great to experience how God works?  For #TGSM is not an organization nor […]

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  • Typhoon 101

    Today, super typhoon Yolanda hits the Philippines!  As a tropical country, we experience being hit by a very strong catastrophic typhoon every year.  As I can recall, 1995 Rosing, 2009 Ondoy, 2011 Sendong, and 2012Pablo are among the most devastating tropical cyclones  ever, that left a mark in my memory.  Fortunately for us Ozamisnons, we are […]