Saturday Surprise: Emergency Outing at Lala’s

Saturday Surprise is all about the good things in life ought to be celebrated!:)

Cuzzies Don2x and Vian arrived from Manila and Singapore respectively this week so they had an emergency plan for an outing yesterday.  Fortunately, I caught up with them before they left as I got home from school for lunch. I have finished my report in the morning and got dismissed by our teacher in the afternoon so I had the chance to go with them!  Then off to Lala’s Eco Park we went!

I already featured Lala’s last 2013 so better check my post here.  After 2 years, the place is still a beaut with an additional bigger pool as shown in the photo above.  Additionally, there is now a driveway from the main street directly to the resort compared before when there was still none.  It is more convenient to access the place now especially to the elderly who can have a hard time climbing up the stairs in going back.

Thank goodness, my Lala’s experience for this afternoon was beyond compare!  We got to go deep down to the river and oh, la la!  The river was so clean and so cold.  I really regret for not swimming with Rio and Roxanne, for I wasn’t dressed for swimming yet when we went down.  But they really did enjoy the Jacuzzi feeling in the river!

I would definitely go back to Lala’s again so I could swim in the river and have proper pictorial.  All photos here are courtesy of Uncle Virgilio, Vian’s father-in-law and Roxannie, cuzzy John Paul’s wifey.  Thank you for this afternoon, fambam! 🙂

Visit Lala’s Eco Park at Brgy. Montol, Ozamiz City for a relaxing out-of-the-city experience! 🙂

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