Sumilon Island on a Budget

The Queen City of the South is not only known for its annual Sinulog festival but also known for its gifts of nature especially its pristine beaches.  Once you touchdown at Mactan International Airport, you’ll instantly be welcomed by an array of 5-star hotel resorts where white sand beaches are as inviting as ever!  Click the hyperlink to see my blog posts on Mövenpick and Shangri-La.

However, checking into hotel resorts can be heavy to the pocket.  Travelling is not always that cheap no matter how tight you are on your budget and it’s a great thing that there’s still the south of Cebu to further explore.  After whale shark watching last week (see my post here), we dropped by Sumilon Island for swimming.  Sumilon is called as such from the dialect sumilong which means “to shelter”.  Fishermen always use the island as shelter from the storms whenever stricken out in the open sea.  And stressed modern-day people also use the island as shelter from the battles they are fighting in their crazy city life.

sumilon island cebu1

So, wanna take an escape?  Getting into Sumilon Island is just as easy as 1, 2, 3.
1.  Book for a boat ride.

Boat ride costs P2,000 from Oslob to Sumilon, vice versa for a whole group.  Vangie’s boats are really big, having a capacity of 20 people maximum.  The boat crew is friendly and assists you well.  It surprised us that their boys can carry a baby with finesse as they hand our baby Shang2x from one person to another in getting in and out of the boat.

sumilon island cebu2

2.  Enjoy a 15-minute boat trip.

Take this opportunity to have pictorials.  The boat is an exclusive trip for you to be free in whatever things you wanna do.  But there’s a part when the waves get high so keep an eye for kids onboard.


3.  Pay P50 per pax for environmental fee.

Once you reach the sand bar, you can directly swim or select a spot for the picnic you’ve brought.  There ain’t no cottages, tables, nor chairs and you can bring yours if you wish.  The beach is raw with its natural beauty and the corals are untouched.  There is also no restaurant in the place so you better bring food and water.  All that you can get there is pure nature at its finest.

sumilon island cebu3sumilon island cebu4sumilon1 (1)
If you would also want a luxurious Sumilon Island escapade, you may check into Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort.  Day tour costs P2,000 per pax.  For more information, click here.

sumilon island cebu5 bluewatersumilon bluewater
Watch out for more posts as we took an adventure off the beaten path of Cebu’s South!  So stay tuned only here on The Other Side of Mae! 🙂  #tosomtravels

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