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  • Dakasi

    I love love love teas as I’ve been reiterating every now and then here in my blog!  Teas of all kinds, from different roots, in all flavors, hot or cold.  I am just so overly addicted to tea!  If there is a good addiction in this world, it would definitely be my penchant for teas. […]

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  • Double Three

    Blew 3 cakes for my 33rd birthday. Yes, double three! It’s funny how people always argue with me for that especially my students ‘coz some of them already look older than me. Hehe…. Well, this is just me. Young in mind and young at heart. But looks can be deceiving ‘coz I’ve become fiercer inside. […]

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  • La Maison Rose

    La Maison Rose is famous in Cebu as “The Pink House” which was the former ancestral house of one of the city’s most prominent family, the Velez’s.  Completed in 1939, the house held a number of lavish banquets until 2006 when the family didn’t live in the place anymore.  The house became unoccupied for 6 years until Louis Thevenin, […]