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  • Feature Friday: Wow Panaon!

    Feature Friday highlights businesses, people, fashion, and basically anything under the sun! Panaon, Misamis Occidental is a budding municipality located north of Ozamiz which is only three quarters of an hour ride through private transpo.  However if in public, an additional of 15-20 minutes won’t break your neck ‘coz there’s never traffic jam here in our […]

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  • #tosomeats in Thailand

    Oh, how I love street food!  As far as my memory is concerned, I’ve been enjoying fishballs even before fishball carts started to roam around Ozamiz in the 80’s.  Well, I just had them in Lipa though Mommy Becky always restricted us to eat street food for we might get Hepatitis out from it.  But together […]

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  • Bangkok Shopping

    When I was still in the RTW business, I often heard my suppliers say, “That’s the last price.  This is of good quality ‘coz this comes from Bangkok.”,  “New arrivals from Bangkok!”, “That’s already very cheap from Bangkok.”, etc.  So I got really curious why they always mentioned Bangkok, Bangkok, Bangkok when in fact, all […]

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  • Baiyoke Sky Hotel

    Seeing the panoramic view of a city makes us know the city even more.  So when we went to Bangkok, we checked into the city’s highest point to see its entirety on top!  Unlike Hong Kong’s The Peak, Bangkok’s uppermost place is directly accessible by just using a series of elevators despite Victoria’s very challenging […]