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  • Calauit Safari Park

    Savannah oh, na, na….  My heart was skipping at savannah oh, na, na….  Super kilig seeing ’em at savannah oh, na, na….  Savannah, savannah oh, na, na….  Oh, my heart is still singing for joy remembering our meet-up with the giraffes and zebras at Calauit Safari Park!  Though it was not my first time to […]

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  • Streetwalkers PH

    Hi, guys! Sorry for this very late post and I don’t have to explain again my tardiness in taking care of this blog. Anyway, I’m miles away from home and while waiting for my next flight, I’d like to share the event I’ve attended last month with the Mis.Occ. (Misamis Occidental) Bloggers! Yey! We finally […]

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  • A Fritorrific Sat Night!

    Ooooopppssss, I did it again!  I haven’t been able to keep my word for a number of times already.  To my chagrin, I only posted one article for my supposedly #LibotPinas Explore Mindanao series last month.  My month of May was indeed more than grueling, hellish to say!  I hadn’t squeezed time for this blog as […]