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about me

Hi, I’m Mae!  Who am I? Why do I have “the other side”? Well, this is my side which is not usually and normally seen. This is my side which surprises people of my creativity, my radical thoughts, and my silliness at times. This is my side of self-expression and self-gratification!

Now, who really am I? My full name is Mary Rosalie De La Torre Olandesca but to my cousins and childhood playmates, I am Mimi. To my aunties and uncles, I am Mikay. To my elementary classmates, I am Rosalie but to Stalin Mirabueno, I am Mary Rosalie. To my high school classmates, I am Osang. To my college buddies, I am Mae but to Esmael Larubis, I am Mengkay. To my call center teammates, I am Miss Blair. To my JCI-Ozamis Red Rose family, I am simply B. To my students, I am Miss Mae but to my children-students, I am Ma’amy, Ma’ama, and Ma’amsky. To my nephews and nieces, I am Tita Mae. And to my sisters, I am Ate.

With the varied names and nicknames I have, this just reflects my multiple personalities (not that I’m psychologically off!).  This just shows that I am everything under the sun, I am just light to the bones, good to the heart, and acceptable to the stomach!


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