Weeklong Sinulog Special: How to Cut and Style Your Old Shirt

I’ve been fangirling Laureen Uy since I discovered her fashion blog last 2012 and here are some photos of the Laureen-effect on me! And my latest Laureen craze is the Islands Souvenirs Cut and Style Sinulog Shirt!  As I arrived in Cebu, I immediately checked-in into Islands Souvenirs main branch.  But it was already packed with people so I backed […]

Weeklong Sinulog Special: Sto. Niño Exhibit

“My parents among the numerous people were also hopeful pilgrims asking for healing from Sto. Niño (see My Adventures – My First Remembered Travel).  They brought me to Cebu every year during Sinulogs (aside from my weekly check-ups at Chong Hua Hospital and Cebu Doctors’ Hospital) to pay homage to the miraculous child Jesus.  But my […]

Weeklong Sinulog Special: Up Close and Personal with Sinulog Princesses

“In every parade, there are groups (tribu) in compet with each other.  And in every group, there’s always that somebody who acts as a leader bearing the image of the Sto. Niño.  I am always delighted every time I see them because they are always beautiful.  Apart from possessing ethereal beauty, they are also very graceful […]

Weeklong Sinulog Special: My Sinulog 2014 Experience

“Every time I hear the word “Sinulog”, I equate it with Cebu.  For only Cebu has this really big festivities every third Sunday of January of each year.  People from all over the Philippines and around the world visit Cebu just to celebrate this feast of the Sto. Niño.” – Excerpt from The Queen City of the […]

Feature Friday: Original Biscocho Haus

Feature Friday highlights businesses, people, fashion, and basically anything under the sun! Whenever around the Visayas region, there are such home-made goodies that are so right to anybody’s taste!  These are healthy fun snacks like biscocho, barquillos, piaya, pinasugbo, galletas, barquiron, and their specialty butterscotch.  And there’s no other place in Visayas where you can get […]

Feature Friday: Fascino’s Special Event Party Favors

Feature Friday highlights businesses, people, fashion, and basically anything under the sun! It has been a while since Fascino opened its Special Event Party Favors services!  With this, we had hosted four kiddie parties last 2013 and as a baby in this business venture, that is already a big accomplishment to us!  And also considering my […]