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While watching the trailer of KathNiel‘s upcoming movie, She’s Dating the Gangster, I could just relate again with the love team for their picturesque setting.  Up to this age and with all the places I saw, it still awes me to have watched something on TV a place where I’ve been to.  It still wows me to say, “Oh, I had walked right into that ground they’re walking on!”  And for this another KathNiel craze, I’m so glad they shot on location at Albay for She’s Dating the Gangster!

Albay is a rising province located in southeastern Philippines which is part of the Bicol Region, Luzon.  It is the place of the world’s famous perfect-coned volcano, Mt. Mayon.  Wherever you are in Albay, you can catch a glimpse of Mt. Mayon’s majestic presence all over the place as featured here.  ‘Twas a great thing I had backdrops of Mt. Mayon in my photos ‘coz in one of my backdrops is where Kenji promised Athena that he’s going to marry her there someday.

kathniel in mt. mayon for she's dating the gangster

Speaking of marriage, wedding bells are a sweet melody in Albay for its many-splendored churches.  As a Philippine historic province, Albay has one of the most picturesque wedding churches in the country sitting gracefully on top of a hill.  The Daraga Church is often a favorite of most wedding planners and groom and bride to be’s.  For who would not fall for its old-fashionedly romantic facade with Mt. Mayon by the sideline?  Pictures before and after the wedding would just be so perfect even without those over-rated wedding decos and props.  The church by itself speaks everything for that perfect wedding day after she’s dating the gangster!

 kathniel in daraga church for she's dating the gangster


Oh, how I’d love to see you again, Albay!  Another walk into your gardens and another round with your chilis would be so great especially when it is shared with someone special.  I may be solo in this flight almost two years ago and still solo until now, I promise to visit you soon when I’m already dating that one great love!  But I still have to wait ’till I’ll meet him.

Watch the full trailer of She’s Dating the Gangster here:


Just can’t wait for July 16 to watch the whole film of She’s Dating the Gangster!  (Gah!!!!)

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How to Find Refuge in Albay in Your Distress
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