High Ridge

Checking-in, checking-in…..  Oh, how I love beautiful places and beautiful things!  Sa tuktok pa ng bundok, sa pinakalalim pa ng dagat, sa kaduludulohan pa ng mundo, at sa kaibuturan pa ng puso (char lang!), talagang dadayuhin just to experience!  Experience a place and all its goodness, that’s my kinababaliwan these past years!  But my latest check-in is not that exag to reach and attain to.  It was actually, smart!  Specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound.  Ngek, nakuha lang sa seminar?  Haha!  Or might be, LSS?  Anyway highway, this was our PEP dinner venue at Cee-Dee-Oh last Sunday night!

High Ridge is located on a hilltop at Aluba, Upper Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City.  It is a really big resto that could cater 300-500 persons (in my calculation only) in just one setting.  There are plenty of seats to accommodate everyone according to preference, may it be indoor fine dining or just the casual al fresco.  But I prefer the latter-outdoor garden and the terrace for a more cozy atmosphere and cooler ambiance.

In addition to the garden, a playing area for kids is installed too which makes the place a family-friendly one.  It is a perfect location for family bonding after church on a Sunday as what we’d notice and it’s great to go there by late afternoon to early evening.  I have to warn you that the road is a bit risky though it’s not rocky and bumpy.  It’s just too steep, you know.  Acrophobic issue, curling my feet in greater heights…..  Nyikes!  By the way, High Ridge is open from 11 AM to 12 MN serving lunch, snacks, dinner, and nightcap.

Since the resto is on top of a hill, the air is a bit nippy in contrast with the burning heat of CDO city proper.  It offers a panoramic view of the city which reminds me of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong wherein you’ll also get dazzled by the lights come nighttime.

And the food.  Yes, the food!  No wonder why people flock to the place!  For not only we can have a nice change of environment but we can also have more than good food!  Just by the sight, one can’t never resist!

Introducing, the Fiesta Platter in calamares top view (edited through IG), pork belly view, roasted chicken view, and crispy pata view!  All the yummy goodness in just one big platter perfect for 4-6 persons (in my own calculation again depending on the group’s appetite).  Everyone’s fave calamares is chewy but not rubbery, the pork belly is too flavorful than the ordinary grilled ones.  However, the roasted chicken is a bit dry and not juicy.  And the crispy pata‘s skin is really crunchy to the bite!  The sauces have their distinct tang and zest that I couldn’t compare with ordinary soy sauce and vinegar.  Overall impact for this, it’s really fiesta to the mouth and the tummy!

Fiesta Platter - P1,399
Fiesta Platter – P1,399

Another is the Seafood Platter comprising of seaweed salad, kinilaw, grilled squid, shrimps, and fish.  Looks very palatable but not that ample compared with the Fiesta Platter which can only be good for 3-5 persons only (in my calculation again and again).  And this one is more pricey.  Maybe seafood in CDO costs really high ‘coz here in Ozamiz, we’ve got plenty in our market!  I didn’t find anything remarkable in this platter.  The taste is just the same as what we can do and have in our own kitchen at home.  We can even do better.  Hehe…..

Seafood Platter - P1,799
Seafood Platter – P1,799

With that, I highly recommend the Fiesta Platter than the Seafood Platter as long as you are not health conscious and you eat giving in to your guilty pleasure.

On the other hand, there are also a la carte servings such as this High Ridge roasted chicken.  I haven’t tasted this one and I hope this isn’t cooked the same as the roasted chicken in the Fiesta Platter.

High Ridge Roasted Chicken - P169
High Ridge Roasted Chicken – P169

Finally, the drinks!  If other restos or cafes shoot up the prices of their drinks, High Ridge doesn’t.  Cold drinks start at only P35 to P89 and shakes range from P109-P149.  Glasses are tall making the drinks even more worth the price!

Then we had full tummies after our very satisfying banquet at the resto!

So may it be a date with someone special, a barkada hang-out, or a family reunion, visit High Ridge for an ultimate view from the top!

As with the experience, it was worth the long and winding road ‘coz the LSU MatSci Department loves High Ridge! #tosomeats #tosomtravels


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