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Six days after welcoming the new year had passed but it seems like only yesterday to me!  When I got to school early in the morning today, there were still happy faces and new year greetings from colleagues and students!  And these just brightened up my day even more, starting up the new year with positive vibes!  Well, it still feels like a brand new year, a brand new month, and a brand new week!  And this signals a fresh new start of writing another book of your life’s journey!

@markstephen83 via Instagram
@markstephen83 via Instagram

In this regard, I’ve been keeping diaries or journals since first year high school.  But when I reread ’em, I realized that there were all about my crushes.  So I tore and dumped my very first diary in the garbage bin.  My second journal was also about my college crush and it ended up burned into ashes!  Then I got my third journal when I worked in Cebu and started to write again.  I just wrote once in a blue moon and just whenever I felt like writing.  And that started my entries on the recap of every year I had since 2006!

From then on, I don’t erase, tear, or burn any page from this journal anymore.  Of course, there are still crushes here but I now laugh while rereading this one!  I am not ashamed to be reading me anymore.  Maybe I had grown up a bit?  Hehe…. I now regret why I chose to loose my previous journals before. 🙁


But anyway, I’m writing this for you to be writing your feelings and experiences too!  It has been a healthy outlet for me to be writing and keeping this blog for two years and a half now.  But it is also different to write the primitive way for there are still things that need not be published for public consumption.  Though I am very open to you and though my life is an open book to you my dear readers, but still there are things that are better to be treasured privately.

So for this new year, I encourage you to just jot down a little bit and try to record what you feel for the day.  I guarantee you, it will help you not to make the same mistakes again.  It will also help you to seize the day and make every moment count!  Because life is too short so we have to make the most out of it! 🙂

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