Hagardo Versoza Days!

And I’m back on track!  After almost a week, here I am writing again.  Sorry for the delayed updates, guys but I was just suuuper busy (as always)!  Since it’s the end of another semester, I’ve been busy with grades and clearance requirements in school that until now I haven’t finished yet.  And since it is also the third week of October which marks a very special celebration for Fernandez-Zacal Learning Center, Inc. (FZLC), I’ve been busy blowing up balloons at Fascino!  Then such busyness gives me my “Hagardo Versoza” days!

In social media, “Hagardo Versoza” had become an expression and hashtag for haggard face which is named after the then hunk actor Gardo Versoza (Machete).  Now here are our haggard faces for this week!

Hagardo Versoza Day 1! 10 dozens down, 42 more to go. Aja!

Hagardo Versoza Day 2! 24 more to go!!! Kryptonite please….
Hagardo Versoza Day 3! And we’re done! Thank you so much, Lord for the strength!

Though my “kryptonite” haven’t checked on me this week, it’s OK ‘coz I still know that he’s still watching me.  Ayeeee!!!!

Only a quarter of the balloons to fill City Gym for tomorrow’s event!

Happy 3rd, Fernandez-Zacal Learning Center, Inc.! More years to come!!!!

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