The Romance of Loving Thyself

Feb-ibig is LOVE THYSELF! Yes, I know I’ve been loving myself for soooo long! Yes, I’ve been reveling in my alone-ness since birth! Yes, I’ve been living a lovely life even without the love life! But as I tried to have one, I experienced losing myself. When it came hard and fast, I found myself whacked out of control. It was me, myself, and I who was at fault. I lost my bearings, thrown myself out of balance! Just when I thought I’ve known myself very well, I forgot my identity. Just when I thought that I’m ready, I wasn’t prepared enough. Now I experienced what the others are always talking about: “Love yourself first before loving others.”

So how do we love thyself? Here’s what I had proposed to myself:

  • Saying “no” to invites or requests if I don’t like going or doing anyway
  • Not grabbing all income-generating opportunities to give time for rest
  • Spoiling, treating and not depriving myself
  • Swiping my credit card and buy without thinking
  • Not being an “agwantera” anymore
  • Just think about myself ‘coz I’m already half of my half-life so I don’t have to save too much monetarily anymore. I’m not going to get poor anyway!

So here I am, getting up to retrieve what I’ve lost! Here I am returning back to myself to find my center. Here I am learning the lesson of loving myself first before finding another. I remembered who I was and the game changed!

But don’t get me wrong. I’m not pointing out selfishness here. It’s just that, being whole is not found from somebody else. For me, being whole is a process of knowing thyself and loving thyself! Being whole is saying: I am not lacking in any sense. When in ruins, we can be made whole again.  Then opening up to a brand new romance would be the next big adventure!

Location:  The Ruins, Talisay City, Negros Occidental

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