Stronger at 35! :)

OMG!!!  This year’s birthday celebration was just so awesome!  I am still overwhelmed with everything God has surprised me with!  I didn’t expect spending my birthday alone would turn out just fine!  Yes, I’ve been alone for a month ‘coz Papa and Mama had to attend to my sissy, Ep2x for her lung surgery in Lipa.  I was the loner type during adolescence but I found out this time that being alone was too tough for me.  I had to cook for myself, do the dishes for myself, do the laundry for myself, and clean the toilet for myself.  It’s not that I am not yet doing these house chores ever.  Mama always trains us and reminds us of our house duties but this time, the tasks were just too heavy for me and worst, I had to drive for myself!  Papa always texted me to start the car and drive it around.  Well, this is the positive outcome.  I learned how to drive.  Sometimes, you really have to be left alone for you to learn new things.

However, I failed to take care of myself.  I have been sick for 4 days before my birthday due to food poisoning!  See, I ate up whatever I pleased and didn’t eat when I didn’t feel like eating.  Gah, I was just too irresponsible plus super stressed with school, store, and house work loads so my hormones got also confused.  My period didn’t show up this month as evidenced by the pimples that are uncontrollably growing on my face!  Or does this come with age?  Oh, no!

Sorry sorry.  Here I go doing all the blahs again.  Now, let’s get back to some light reading!  On my birthday, I woke up very early and reminded myself that it was my birthday so I spent some moment with God before preparing myself for my 7 AM class.  After my class, I had a 30-min break then off to my next class wherein I got observed by our academic head from IS, Ms. Iwi.  Just how lucky I was to be visited on my birthday.  Luckily, I took an extra mile in my preparation that day for I felt that I was going to be observed.  The perks of being God’s favored one, eh!  By lunch time, we celebrated at the MatSci Department with my LSU family!  Thanks to Engr. Esmael of Nomer’s Lechon, my classmate in college before and co-teacher now for taking care of the food!

After my 1-3 PM class, I dropped by at the store to take Ate Girly for light snacks at Mang Inasal.  We only had a little chitchat ‘coz we had to get back to the store before any customer calls or texts us for his/her balloon order.  Thank you so much, Ate Girly for the loyalty and passion for Fascino! 🙂

Then I went back to school for the post-conference with my academic head at IS and surprisingly had Denes, Eva, and Dolly to tag along with me to Cotta!  They were my previous Physics majors who are now teaching junior high at IS. I am so proud of what my students had become nowadays!  They have been very responsible children to their parents by finishing school, passing the boards, and having a good job.  Congrats, guyths! 🙂  Thank you for being very good and very dear students to me!  Thanks also for always supporting me in reaching out to our less fortunate kids!  For our previous story on our annual project, please do click here.  Maybe you would also want to support us.

Soon after, I got a text message inviting me to my birthday party at Big J by 7 PM so I also forwarded the message to my friends who greeted me on that day!  Oh, I loved having that instant birthday celebration without me planning for it.  I just said OK and there we were!  Haha!  Thank you so much, manghud Juan and Mabelle for this!  I really didn’t have plans and I happily spent the night of my birthday with my JCI-Ozamiz Red Rose, LSU, and CCF Ozamiz families! 🙂  I didn’t turn out to be alone on my birthday!  Yey!!!  Thanks for the company, guys! 🙂

The next day, I went to school happy and suddenly a news came.  I must be happy about it and I swear, I haven’t mastered the art of faking happiness yet.  At least it was not face to face so it was easy for me to shrug it off.  But in the afternoon during mass, it sank in and I almost fell into tears.  Gladly, a previous student kept calling and texting me where I was and the moment I stepped out from the Arts Center, there they were!  My Physics babies surprising me with an extended birthday!

I was supposed to stay at home to clean the house that night but my babies went to school just for me (they’re already having their board review now) so off to Gat’s we went for dinner! We arrived at the place very early but had our order after an hour of waiting.  Hehe…  But we didn’t care!  Gat’s food is lutong bahay which is freshly prepared with ample servings at very affordable prices.  And FYI, we didn’t have drinks.   I don’t encourage drinking to my students.  We were just there to eat!

Finally, Papa, Mama, and Ep2x arrived last Saturday and we had more reasons to celebrate!  We had an emergency lunch last Sunday with our relatives, neighbors, and friends!  It was a double celebration of my birthday and Ep2x’s thanksgiving for her good health!  Thanks to Auntie Bebot and Nanay Esther for always being ready for big banquets!  Thanks to Auntie Lourding for the cakes, too!  Thank you, Lord for the many blessings! 🙂

And this ends my birthday celebrationsssss.  I just feel like an artista having so many birthday bashes!  My wish to become an artista had come to pass by blowing too many birthday candles so no time for senti2x at all!

If I became better at 30, now I’m stronger at 35! 🙂  Stronger in faith in my one and only Creator, stronger physically, stronger mentally and stronger emotionally!  Still NBSB at 35 and who cares?  I am filled with love from God above, my family and friends!  Life is shorter than you think so better stop the musings.  Start making your life story a must-read instead!  Thank you so much, everybody for all the greetings and for making my 35th birthday a blast! 🙂 <3 ‘Till next year ulit! 🙂


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