Tuhog and Jologs

Our unit in education class was called off this afternoon.  Since I already prepared for my next class after that, I had nothing else to do.  So, I sneaked into the cinema while waiting for my 6 PM class and what I had come across with was the movie, Tuhog.  The title itself suggests a double meaning.  If you are the kinky type of person, you’re gonna interpret it maliciously.  It sounds like an X-rated film but the main characters were portrayed by wholesome actors and actress.

As the movie preludes, it reminded me of the 2002 Star Cinema film, Jologs.  It was a movie of different people from all walks of life.  It told each individual’s story which reflected all cases of day to day survival.  It talked about man’s quest in sustaining everyday life, in fulfilling his dream, in finding love, and in pursuing happiness.  It also showed how all human beings are interconnected with each other.  That what an individual does can greatly affect another individual and vise versa.

In Jologs, the main characters did not know each other but they were made to have their common denominator which was the coffee shop.  In the same way, Tuhog‘s main characters also did not know each other but they were made common through the bus.

The characters also have similarities.  Just like Mang Tonio.  Mang Tonio’s story was into fulfilling an unfinished business which was his lifetime dream of becoming a baker.  This was already portrayed by Cher of Jologs who was following his heart into becoming a woman for the pursuit of his happiness.  Likewise, Fiesta was the galit-ako-sa-mundo/pakialam-ko-sa-problema-mo-mas-malaki-pa-problema-ko type of miserable person that was also already portrayed by Trigger who was a selfish boss.  Moreover, the teenage sweethearts Caloy and Angel reminded me of Dino and Faith who were so hasty in giving up their virginity!

Basically, Tuhog is just like a remake of Jologs.  Though the story had been told some eleven years ago, it still conveys the same BIG message of celebrating LIFE!  It reminds us to live life carpé diem style!  It shows us how short life is so we ought to make use of it, enjoy it, and live it to the fullest!  It tells us that if we want to do something, we have to do it now!  If we want to say something, we have to say it now!  And if we want to experience something, we have to experience it now!  Though there are plenty of hindrances, sneak a little bit!  Though it might be quiet wrong, cheat just for once!  Because we never know when our time is up.  Maybe it will be too late.  Maybe, the thing that would make us happy is already gone even before we notice that it had already passed us by.

So, let’s move forward and SEIZE THE DAY!  Let us INDULGE for we only live once!

A Selfie Movie Date
A Selfie Movie Date
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