Musings of a True-Writer Wannabe

I’ve been keeping a blog for almost two years now.  I’m having it to have a few of my compositions compiled and publicized.  I’m just an ordinary small-town girl who just wants to have something as an outlet for my lifetime frustration as a writer.  As you might inspect, there is no trace of professionalism in my blog.  I just write about anything without rules, without limitations, and without hesitations.  For in my blog, I can freelyexpress myself well!  And I know I’m not that good.  As a chemical engineer by profession, I’m amateur in this field but I love what I’m doing and I’m not ashamed of it!

My blog is just about random things that portray the other side of me and I’m of no good in lining up with the others.  And as I go over my blog posts, I came to realize that they are purely informational.  I guess because since I am also a teacher, I want everybody to be informed on facts too.  That is, there were mainly dates, word meanings, proper names, addresses, and the likes.  Nothing fell under the category of going deeper the inner core that touches the soul.

Going over my blog posts again, I tried to look for something with a heart.  Then I came across this auditionexperience I had in Cebu for a local reality TV show.  In so far, it is the most detailed post I have.  It is full of life!  I can still laugh at my experience and at the same time, feel sentimental about it.  It’s just something compelling to read about!

Then I got to mull things over.  If I might be properly trained, I can incorporate in putting heart to the posts I’ll ever have and not just mere advertising.  Deep inside, I know I can do better if only given a chance to hone this craft.  So to whoever might read this post, this ordinary small-town girl needs a break and a bigger world to see.  She’s sending this message loud and clear to the Universe for opportunities to come her way!

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