Shooters and Margarita at Lifestyle District

Why is it that broken people turn to alcohol for comfort?  Is it to lose one’s mind?  Is it to forget?  Or is it to lose one’s self?  With that, I spent one Saturday night at CDO to escape.  Escape from the pain, escape from reality, escape from myself.  So Jay and Ruth took me to CDO’s latest and hottest rendezvous, Lifestyle District.

It was my first time to have flaming shooters!  Jay was really supportive for Ruth and I to try it and even volunteered to take our photos and video.

After six shots, we wanted more booze but only got the light ones instead.  So we had margarita to feel like Sex and the City girls.  Hehe.


I surely enjoy the kick of alcohol every time it gets me tipsy.  But only tipsy and not wasted.  I never wanna get wasted again after the last time I had in 2011 when the very same guy first shook my life!

Thanks for entertaining me, Jay and Ruth!  ‘Till our next Saturday night out!  Let’s do try the shisha smoke!  Hehe…..

Have fun in CDO at Lifestyle District located at Corrales Extension, Cagayan de Oro City!

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