Givin’ Some Lovin’ to the Street Kids

Lablab for Kids Christmas 2016 was another blast!  In our third year of reaching out to some unfortunate kids, we went out to the streets of Ozamiz to bond with the kids from outside Gaizano to Cotta area.  I was very glad to have more people backing us up this year for our annual project.  So here’s how we celebrated Jesus’ birthday party last December 28, 2016 with the street kids in our city!

Since I’ve been invited by Jollibee Marketing to grace their store opening outside Ozamiz twice, I decided to hold the party with them.  It’s my little way of patronizing the company for believing in my little blogging skills.  Hehehe….  But seriously!  The truth is, I wished that other kids could also have a taste and feel of Jollibee.  I wanted to let the street kids experience the joy Jollibee brings as what it did to me when I was also a child.  See my kwentong Jollibee here.  So after almost two weeks of praying, funds were raised which enabled us to book for a jolly kiddie party!!!  And it was so fulfilling to see all the kids enjoying their langhap-sarap Jollibee meals!  Yummy!

Of course, what would a party be like without games games games!  The party staff and crew of Jollibee were taken by surprise because the kids were so noisy, rowdy, and unruly.  Super sorry, staff.  All of us really had a hard time for the crowd ah este, kid control!  Well, street kids be like. Hehehe…..

But just take a look at their happy faces!  These can be so worth it for all the hard work we had in putting this all together, right?

Little gifts for them as they say their “namamasko po” means so much to them already!

Some of them only ate less so they could still bring something home for their little siblings.

Sending them off gives kirot to the heart. It’s sad to send them back to reality. But still, let’s be happy ‘coz it’s Jesus’ birthday!

We don’t know what they’re really going through.  We don’t feel the burden they’re carrying.  We don’t see what’s in their heart.  But in the eyes of a child, we must look deeper.  The sincerity of innocence, the pureness of heart, and the longing of their soul.   May this not only because it’s Jesus’ birthday but may this be every day all throughout the year too!

And these three show the real lablab! Thank you so much to all who supported #LablabForKidsChristmas2016🙂 The street kids really enjoyed their party at Jollibee!  I’m sure, this has been a very memorable event for them!  ‘Till next year po! 🙂

Credits to Christ, Dolly, and Rio for the photos.  Please do click here for more!

Thank you, Almighty Father for the success of our event!  Thank you for the provisions, Jehovah Jireh!  Happy birthday, Papa Jesus!  And thank you so much to all our sponsors, donors, manpower volunteers, and guests! 🙂

Ms. Ann Sharon T. Lee
Engr. Hermesa B. Murillo
Mrs. Lea E. Angle
Dr. John Mark S. Feliciano
Mrs. Ruth G. Abarrientos
Ms. Lilibeth Lim
Ms. Marimar Salviejo
Mrs. Analyn J. Adobo
Ms. Enicar Gordove
Ms. Christ Brensan Zanoria
Mrs. Elena Gilo
Ella Venice Garcia
Ms. Khristine Marie Peñafiel
Mr. Joseph Lagahit
Mr. Bobby Bihag
Ma’am Sheryl of CEF and Company
Mrs. Girly Impis
Ms. Dolly Dalisay
Mr. Mark Anthony Papa
Ms. Star Lim
Mrs. Dinah Herrera and Company
Mr. & Mrs. Camilo B. Olandesca
Mr. & Mrs. Bonifacio Putis and Family
Ms. Rio Fidgi Garcia
Jean Impis
Naiah Abarrientos
Jollibee Bernad Party Crew
All customers of Fascino

To God be all the glory!

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