Saturday Surprise: Jollibee Molave Grand Opening

Saturday Surprise is all about the good things in life ought to be celebrated!:)

I love you Sabado, kahit buong Linggo
Hintay ka lang Jollibee, andyan na ako
Panlasang Pilipino, at home sa Jollibee!

Though what we listen to now inside Jollibee stores is the revised version of this song, its original still plays nostalgic notes in my ears as I remember Saturdays of yesteryears.  Childhood, oh childhood!  Jollibee greatly played a big part of my happy childhood!  For when there was still no Jollibee store here in Ozamiz or the nearby big city, Cagayan de Oro, I’ve already had a slice of it every time Papa went home from Manila for seminars.

When my gradeschool classmates only knew Jollibee through tv ads, I already had lunchboxes, stickers, brellies, and the like which made me sikat in our classroom.  Hehe….  Oh, they just crowded around my desk each time I had new toys from the Jolly Kiddie Meal!  Well, I only got the toy ‘coz it was Papa who got to eat the burger.  FYI, planes to and fro Manila cost an arm and a leg those years so we had to travel by boat for 2 days!  However, I also got to taste Jollibee every summer ‘coz we always spent vacations in Lipa and that was just so bitin to always look forward for spending Saturdays in Manila.

Gladly, Jollibee opened its first store in our hometown way back 1996 or 1997 and I was already in 2nd year high school then.  On its opening day, our Grandpa instantly brought all of us and we were so giddy for the fries and the playpen!  Yes, the playpen!  Though I was quite big for it, I still played there with my little sissies and cuzzies.  Hehe….  Then adolescence happened when me and my barkada skipped recesses in our school’s canteen to save up P30 of our allowance for a meal of regular burger, fries, and coke on Saturday afties!  See?  That’s how meaningful Jollibee is to me!

And now, the happiest bee on planet earth has invaded the whole of Mindanao!  On its 36th year of langhap-sarap goodness, Jollibee opened its 116th store in the area yesterday, Nov. 18, 2016 at Molave, Zamboanga del Sur!  But prior to its opening day, the inauguration took place last Wednesday with honorable city officials, Jollibee executive officers, Jollitown mascots, invited guests, and the media.

Photos Grabbed from Rey James Solano Sabelita and One Sent by a Dear Friend

With the company’s goal of bringing happiness to every child’s heart, Jollibee reaches out to small municipalities like Molave to make the jolly experience accessible to the masses.  So for its grand opening, the day was jam-packed with a whole lot of fun and surprises!  There were the meet and greet with Jollitown friends, motorcade, The Jollitown Kids Show, games, and freebies!



Aside from the fun activities, Jollibee won’t be Jollibee without its langhap-sarap meals!  Their Chicken Joy is always crispy on the outside yet tender and juicy on the inside.  It’s getting better and better each year and thanks to their research and development that they have the spicy ones now which I dearly love!  Just the look of it makes you salivating with stomach growling.  Hehe…..

And what makes Jollibee different from the others?  It is their Pinoy touch that warms the heart not just of every child but also the adults.  That’s their trademark, the alagang Jollibee!  We, Filipinos are known to be the most hospitable nation and the company epitomizes such value.  Jollibee focuses on the Filipino family, the value of close family ties to say.  So just like me who anticipated for Saturdays to spend with family and friends at Jollibee many years ago, let us also pass the excitement and enjoyment on to the next generation.  May every Filipino child experience a memorable jolly childhood!

So thank you so much, Jollibee for bringing happiness to all of us through the years!  Thanks for expanding and reaching our locality!  Special thanks to Sir James of Jollibee Marketing and Ma’am Kate for the opportunity.  Credits to Dolly and RL for the photos!  You, guys were so efficient!

P.S. Jollibee envisions to put up 2,000 stores by year 2020 worldwide!  So watch out for the opening of Jollibee’s 2nd store at Oroquieta City next month, Dec. 23, 2016 and 3rd store here in Ozamiz next year, April 2017!  ‘Til our next coverage, dear blog readers! 🙂  #tosomevents

With Sir Al Dag-uman Nano and His Cameraman of KMTV
With Sir Al Dag-uman Nano and His Cameraman of KMTV

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