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Star Cinema’s Valentine movie, Alone/Together which starred Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano had captured my heart! It got me by just its trailer last month, making me so excited for the 13th of February! Honestly, I’m not much into watching movies for quite some time now but for this, I carved out time! Of course, I tagged along Papa and Mama with me ‘coz going to the cinema with them had become our bonding moment these days. Now what are my thoughts about this movie? Here they are!

  1. Raf and Tin’s college life reflects my life in the state university way back then. Oily and pimpled face, backpack, friendship bands, haggardo versoza! UP Diliman was my dream university that until now, I haven’t stepped inside its campus. MSU-IIT was actually planned to be my backdoor entrance to UP (since I didn’t score high in UPCAT) but I didn’t have that much courage to fight for my dreams.
  2. Speaking of dreams, what I turned out to be today was never in my dreams! Just like Tin in the movie, I regard myself as a failure. I failed to be what I always wanted to be! I’m such into arts and humanities yet I turned out to be an applied science and engineering nerdo. Just like earlier today during our Chemical Engineering National Convention. Adjacent to the engineering booths was an art gallery. I so wanted to cross over yet duties must come first before pleasure. Then the night ended without me seeing the paintings ‘coz I’m not brave enough to step out.
  3. Convenience, settling. This was what Tin did. I’m also a coward when it comes to change. But when Raf said that she was a coward, she retaliated that being a coward for him was actually being brave for her. That is, being brave to let go of him in order to save him. Tin doesn’t want to involve Raf (as well as his family) in the big storm of her starting career. She wants him to finish his studies first without the concern of her. She sacrificed her love for him, thinking that it’s for his own good.
  4. She thought that she was doing the best thing in letting him go. He thought that she was driving him away. Then the audience thinks that Tin was very unfair to Raf for not telling him the truth and for not relying on him about her problem. People think that Tin was very shallow but hello, she was only a fresh grad laden with high expectations as a graduate with flying colors from UP! Being young, agitated, and confused propelled her to just keep her problem to herself. For sometimes in our lives, there are things that are better left unsaid.
  5. Being left unsaid for several years until they met again. Raf demanded for a closure so Tin gave it to him. We do need closure for things left hanging. Just when you expect that he still loves you as he’s still showing it but he says that he has moved forward. You can still see it in his eyes that he still does love you but he says no. A lot of reasons behind that you can’t understand but there’s nothing you can do but to accept. Just like Raf offering marriage to Tin but was declined. When there’s a time to fight for love, there’s also a time to let love go. Let go, accept, and move on. Being alone together can also be the best for the both of two people in love!

Alone, Raf got to be a top-rated physician.

Alone, Tin got to pick up her broken dreams and got back to her real self again.

A tale of first love, young dreams, and idealistic promises! Our achievements in college could be nothing to the corporate world once we’re out there. Our pride in college could mean nothing to the cruelty of the real world. Broken dreams and promises, there are always chances to mend. Pained hearts, there are always means to heal. As we progress in life, we learn to be tougher. From youngsters to adults, Raf and Tin’s love story is one that all of us can surely relate in one way or another. Maturity teaches us to let things as it is.

And as for the story’s ending, it’s up for us the audience to conclude. As for me, the ending showed that they’re still not ending up together. When Raf said that it’s his baby giving him life, Tin was still recovering from his lost years in her arts. Each of them were living their own lives and they were still alone together ‘coz no matter what happens, they are still part of each other’s lives!

Sometimes, it pays to know that being officially together is not a measure of true love. Being secure of someone’s love out there gives us hope that someday, when everything’s right, you won’t be loving alone anymore but you’re already together forever! So this concludes my lovemonth post! Still alone but somebody is also alone there so we’re still together in that matter! #tosomthoughts

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