Shit People Tell You When You’re Still Single at 30’s

1.  You’re beautiful, smart, and sexy!  You’re such a good catch!
     – I know right.  That’s why men are intimidated by me!
2.  You have a great job.  You’re stable enough to get married.
     – But my job can’t still afford me to have breakfast in Japan, lunch in America, and dinner in France!
3.  You’re too picky!
     – So I would just pick some random guys who are not in my level?
4.  You’re just too busy!
     – Well, I want to occupy all my time to let me forget that I’m still single.
5.  You should try online dating.  You have exotic beauty foreigners love.
     – It’s never my thing to talk with real strangers!
6.  At a wedding:  “Hey, single lady!  Join the bouquet toss!”
     – And just be laughed over by a whole barrage of spectators?  Never mind!
7.  Aren’t you worried you won’t be able to have kids?
     – If only I can afford to lose my virginity to someone whom I truly love…..
8.  Don’t you ever get lonely?
     – Of course!  Walking home from school every night at 7 PM all by myself, going to a party without a date when others are coupling, seeing the beauty of the world without someone to share it with, etcetera, etcetera!  Like, fuck!

Got the picture?

However, there are still truth people tell you when you’re looking and feeling young in your 30’s:

1.  Goodness gracious!  You’re 31?!  You still look like god-damn 25!

2.  Guard at school:  “Sorry, Ma’am.  It’s just that, you still look like a freshman.”

thirty year old rant

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