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OSROX or Osmeña-Roxas (two of the Republic of the Philippines’ past presidents) Park has been serving the city of Ozamiz as a seat of assemblage.  As I can recall, miting de avances were often held here when I was little.  In fact, my late Tatay Toto had brought me into one many years ago.  I can also remember that there was a detention cell inside the park where police officers converge every afternoon for coffee.  To mention, me and my Gomez St. neighborhood kids-playmates stole aftie nap times just to play at the park, too.  Then growing up during grade school and high school entailed me to go to the park every fiesta for the civic parade assembly.  Well, that’s how OSROX plays a big role to every laid-back Ozamiznon like me!

Nowadays, OSROX is still the assembly place for Ozamiz City fiesta parades.  I don’t know if it still has the detention cell or if it is still used as a place for election campaigns, but what I’ve come to know since March is that, it had become a taboan every weekend for the farmers to bring their fresh produce for the not-so-big-city dwellers.  And thanks to my friend Pen2x for sharing this to me!

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The taboan reminds me of Old Quarter, Vietnam.   It is a flea market in what seems like endless streets where prices are lower compared with the actual market that we have, the Public Mall.  Farmers from the province of Lanao and nearby towns of Misamis Occidental flock every Saturday after lunch around OSROX and camp overnight before their pack-up on Sunday before lunch.  For only 24 hours, Ozamiznons are given the chance to hoard fresh veggies and fruits consumable for the whole week.

Since March, I come to OSROX to market every Saturday afternoon.  I only bring P200 with me and with that small amount, I can already bring home a fully-loaded bag of veggies and fruits that I’m having a hard time carrying.  It was always a solo quest for me and I was glad that last weekend, Pen2x picked me up at the house so we could do the market together as per request by yours truly.  Hehe…..  So I had the chance to take photos so I can also share to you our OSROX market adventure!

OSROX market ozamiz2

As a newly-convert vegan, Pen2x taught me to eat healthy.  We are now in our 30’s and it’s about time to go back to the basics and take good care of our health.  She influenced me to detoxify by eating vegetables and fruits.  (In fact, she lost weight through that!)  That’s why going to OSROX since March has been my weekly habit.  And last Saturday, Pen2x’s assistant, Ate Tata also taught me some recipes to experiment on.  It was also my first time to know that sayote and pechay can be eaten raw!  Hehe…..  Can you imagine that?  Well, here’s how:

1.  Chop pechay and cut sayote into strips.

2.  Mix honey, olive oil, calamansi, garlic, and a little soy sauce.
3.  Toss veggies and honey-garlic dressing together with chopped onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes.

4.  Top with sesame seeds.

That’s how easy it is!  You can have this for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  But for me, this can’t do for brekky ‘coz I’m such a big breakfast eater!  Hehe…..  Anyway, thanks to Ate Tata for this recipe and Pen2x for sending me other quick and easy healthy recipes for the go!  Thanks also for the both of you for helping me out with this blog post! 🙂

So Ozamiznons, you already know where to go on weekends for healthy shopping!  See you around OSROX Park, Mayor Jesus E. Sanciangco, Jr. St., CM Recto St., and Abanil St.!  Eat healthy, everyone! 🙂

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