#12daysto32 Day -1: A Birthday Celebration at La Salle

And I reached Day -1 of my #12daysto32 countdown!  Well, this is just me.  Blame it to the “feeling celebrity” syndrome I have!  Always having a month-long birthday celebration, you know.  So for today, I celebrated with my LSU family!

Thank you so much to Dr. Jovannie Castillo for leading the prayer!  Lol!

And to Engr. Aldrich Caballo for taking the photos!  Now, blame this to Sir Aldrich.  Hehehe…..

And super thank you to Papa, Ep2x, Jez, Don2x, and Nanay Esther for preparing the food! 🙂

Last but not least, thank you to all of you, my colleagues for another fun-filled birthday celebration!  ‘Till next time!!! 🙂

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