I am never an automobile person and I’m the least to go to an auto show!  But when teacher Cheryl won over the idea of strolling a bit at City Hall Drive last night, I didn’t hesitate.  So to further celebrate Ate Aida’s birthday after boodle fighting at Honeybee (watch out for my Feature Friday post this week), we went to Ozamis City’s first ever auto show!

Overdrive is produced by Team Illusion and The Hit Factory in cooperation with the local government of Ozamis, San Miguel Beer, Kia Motors, Smart, and Repsol Motor Oil.  It is a show of the illest rides and bad bikes wherein I found everything new to my sight.

I was pretty amazed by the uniqueness of each piece from the very huge trucks (which I thought I need a ladder to get into) to the cutest bikes (which I thought I could never ride on).  It was actually an opportunity to see in real-life what we’re seeing on television and prove that such things do really exist.  So for this, pa-picture lang ang peg!

Since it is a citywide event, babes and hotties were also invited with overflowing booze and outdoor dance party.  It was indeed the night for big boys and their toys with music by FHM Model DJ Cherry Summer.  Nonetheless, DJ Alfred Maligaya also rocked the event!  At the end, I didn’t regret for coming to the show.  For at first I thought it was only a “show-off”, but it wasn’t and it wasn’t bad enough an auto show as Ozamis’ first!  So congratulations to the organizers!

Rhea, Ate Aida, Cheryl, and Rene with Their Dream Cars
Rhea, Ate Aida, Cheryl, and Rene with Their Dream Cars
But as for me, I never have a dream car!  For I am much contented with my feet taking me from home to school to store, vice versa everyday! :p

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