#SurigaoEscapade2K17 Vlogs

Hey, guyths!  Just before 2017 ends, allow me to share with you the video blogs we’ve created from our Surigao trip!  This is my very first time to do vlogging but I’m not yet editing so thanks to my senior high school students for doing the job for me!  Hehe….  Hope you’ll enjoy these vids, guyths! 🙂

A 6-minute vid encapsulating our whole Surigao trip edited by my two Miguel’s, Miguel Bernad and Miguel Fernandez:

An 11-minute vid by master filmmaker, Earl Hendrix Reyes.  You’ve gotta take note of that name!

And here are 3 vids from Miguel Bernad of the 3 tourist spots we’ve visited!

Bucas Grande Group of Islands, Sohoton

Enchanted River

Tinuy-an Falls

Finally, here’s the highlight of our whole trip!  We went all the way to Surigao for baby sharking!  Check out our MTV edited by Eljohn!

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