Lusting Over Valentinos

“Shopping for labels, shopping for love
Manolo and Louis, it’s all I’m thinking of
Shopping for labels, shopping for love
1, 2
Manolo and Louis, it’s all I’m thinking of
1, 2, 3 Turn the lights on!”

– Lyrics from Labels or Love by Fergie for Sex and the City, 2008


Girls just get so high on shoes!  Putting on high heels can make us look taller, thinner, and sexier.  It suddenly gives us confidence and enables us to walk through the limelight.  Just looking at them chases the blues away.

These Valentino Rockstud Collection is the latest craze for women all over the world!  It epitomizes the essence of a woman – soft yet tough inside.  Pointy shoes having ladylike style toughened with pyramid studs for that edgy look.  They are just to die for!!!!!  Now, which Valentino is for you?


Girly, conservative, pretty – this Pink Valentino claims youth and innocence.  This is a perfect fit for Charlotte York, a prim and proper woman who prefers love over lust.  She’s the type who believes in magic and has faith in destiny.  Oh, she just sees the world as a wish-granting factory!

VALENTINO-STUDDEDFormal, elegant, sophisticated – this Black Valentino demurely keeps still but carries out a statement.  This is just like Miranda Hobbes, a career-driven woman who works hard not just for a living but also for self-fulfillment.  She doesn’t react to matters instantly but weigh things out first before giving her opinion which makes her into a good lawyer.

VALENTINO-SHOES-3Feisty, gutsy, vixenish – this Red Valentino boldly shouts power!  This one’s right for Samantha Jones, a proud and sexually confident woman who speaks her mind about her “uncensored” wisdom on sex.  She’s always in control of everything, the reason why she never believes in marriage.

valentino biege

Versatile, nude, neutral – this Beige Valentino exclaims open-mindedness!  Now this is definitely for Carrie Bradshaw, a high-spirited woman who takes both sides of the coin.  As a writer, her opinions opened the minds of women to some radical issues on life, love, and sex.  With this, she’s regarded as an icon!

So, what type of shoe are you?  What type of woman are you?  For you are what you wear!

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”  

– Marilyn Monroe
*All images above are grabbed from web.

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