The Christ-Centered Woman Essential Oil Blends

I woke up very early today because I was excited for first day of school!  Parang bata lang ano?  Excited because of new bag, new shoes, new school supplies, etc.  But I ain’t got all these new stuffs except for a stroller that I must use so I can ditch all my things there – book, laptop, charger, extension wire, VGA and HDMI connectors, chalk box, eraser, water bottle, lunch box, snacks, Fascino mosquito repellent, etcetera, etcetera.  Life of a teacher!  Buong bahay dala2x!  And the students were like watching me from head to foot wondering what’s happening with Miss Mae walking around with a stroller!

FYI, I can’t carry heavy things anymore because of my ruptured discs which caused me sciatica.  I’ve been having back pain since 2014 (if my memory tells me well) and I just summoned Manang Perling, our resident hilot every time I couldn’t take the pain anymore because her magic touch could do the healing.  Though I always believed in her “natural” power, we cannot rely on traditional hilot for healing and it is always best to consult a physician for our illness.  But still, I did not want to see a doctor because I grew up always seeing doctors!  Sawang-sawa na ako with lab tests, xrays, ultrasounds, clinics, and hospitals!  So we consulted another hilot, a high-end one at Tangub who studied human anatomy/physical therapy/chiropractic in Germany.  He was the one who diagnosed me and aligned my lumbar numbers 3,4, and 5.  For a number of sessions, I’m healed and I could walk easily already ‘coz there was a time when I couldn’t walk anymore.  I knelt down walking because I couldn’t stand at all!  The chiropractor said that if I wasn’t treated earlier, then I’d be paralyzed!  And another shocking finding.  He detected Parkinson’s disease on me and this time, I got threatened!

Due to my illness/es, I researched on what could I do to be well and I happened to stumble upon with essential oils.  I’ve been using essential oils for my homemade colognes and eau de parfums since 2008 and I never knew that such oils have healing effects.  Yes, I knew about aromatherapy that’s why I have my Fascino Aromatherapy Specials but I did not know that some of these oils can penetrate our skin and do their work to our internal organs and can even be ingested!  These oils come from natural sources and are healthier alternatives than commercial and synthetic drugs.  So I’ve concocted four blends, not exactly and purposely made for my sciatic pain but for all the women out there who juggle all the roles in the world like me!

In my experience for the past month, I realized that I cannot be a supergirl.  I’m only human when kryptonite runs out.  I cannot do all things though I’m itching to be everything!  I am limited, I’m only a girl, a subordinate, a weakling.  But despite this realization, I could still stand because it is Christ who gives me strength!  Since 2009, my life has been a balancing act!  School, store, and home.  #teacherduty, #tinderaduty, #perfumerduty, #bloggerduty, #daughterduty, #sisterduty.  I always had plenty on my plate and though I’ve decluttered, still I’m overyly busy!  Now my illness taught me to pause, not to stress out, and just to let things go.  To go back to basics and be reminded of Christ as the center of my merry-go-round.

In this regard, God gave me four Bible verses and these are as follows:

“Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28
This is for QUIET TIME, my calming and relaxing blend.

“The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty giveth me life.” – Job 33:4
This is for BREATH OF LIFE, for cough and colds when the immune system is down.

“…..for I am Jehovah that healeth thee.” – Exodus 15:26
This is for GIFT OF HEALING, for headache and dizziness and whatever pain caused by stress.

“Set your mind on the things that are above, not on the things that are upon the earth.” – Colossians 3:2
This is for EYES ON THE PRIZE, for focus, clarity, and concentration to keep us motivated!

My blends are 10% essential oils, as strong as I want ’em to be and the carrier oil I used is grapeseed oil.  I even brought one to school today, the Eyes on the Prize to perk me up the entire day until I got news that Ortega Building was on fire!  Adrenaline rush, I ran to the store and my hormones together with my cells got confused again!  This is how surprising and how active our lives could be with all the roller coaster ride of emotions!  From excitement early this morning to happiness by noon but taranta after lunch, go lang ng go!  Only a girl?  A subordinate?  A weakling?  I can still manage ‘coz I have Quiet Time to calm my nerves down.  Another kryptonite, eh?  No, it is only JESUS who is in control of everything!  Thank you, Lord for this very startling yet manageable day!  Thank you, Lord for August 1!  🙂

And ooops.  Sorry ladies, my Christ-Centered Woman Essential Oil Blends are not yet for sale.  Though I wanted to share these with you, please allow me little time to enjoy them.  These are my happy pills and I still want to be selfish, relishing each one of ’em because only these can I call my own. 🙂 #fascinofragrances

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