Too Old To Be Sentimental About The Passing Of A Year

Hey there, blog readers!  It has been a long long while since my last post!  Pardon me for I’ve been super busy these past days.  To start with, I had been busy preparing test questions for the final exams and brainstorming class activities and problem sets which I left before JCI Natcon 2013 in Iloilo City.

Yes, you heard right!  I’ve been to Iloilo for a Jayceeing duty.  Jayceeing?  Well, not really!  For I did not register for the said Natcon.  I am still “heartaching” for what was done on me!  So I just went there for a short staycation at Centennial Resort Hotel and Convention Center!  Mayaman!  Yes, I paid for all my expenses as what I had been doing ever since I entered the organization (unlike other people there who are just relying on freebies by doing too much politicking!).  You know what, it really just sucks!

Well anyway, I celebrated  my birthday with the Red Roses again just like last year.  I chose to celebrate my birthday away from home again so I couldn’t remember that it was my birthday!  I tried it last year and it worked!  So for this year, I did it again because I am already too old to be sentimental about the passing of a year!  And I think you already know what I mean.

So these were the things I did on my birthday last Saturday:

iloilo hotel

Red Roses All Fresh From Bed!

I may not be a Catholic but I paid visit to a Catholic church on my birthday!  I guess it is really human instinct to look for a place to solemnly say a prayer.  So aside from sightseeing and picture-taking which I am really fond of, I paused for a while and quieted my soul.  There I thanked God for my life’s extension again!  I am beyond blessed to have reached this age for who would have thought that a sickly frail little baby could have survived and be as healthy as I am today!

iloilo old chuch

Jaro Cathedral
After church, I went food-tripping and this is the must-eat in Iloilo!  If my noodle first love is Laksa, this could be my second!  Nissin cup noodles is incomparable to Iloilo’s original La Paz Batchoy!iloilo la paz batchoy
To top my birthday celebration by myself, I had Japanese Maki for dinner!  There ain’t no Japanese resto in Ozamis and I had my last Maki experience for ages already!  So, I grabbed the opportunity of having one again with the very strong kick of wasabe to awaken my senses!iloilo maki
And what’s a birthday celebration without a birthday cake?  Of course, my Atsi Ansha bought me one via Red Ribbon Dedication Cakes!  I blew it on Sunday already for the Red Roses partied all night so I had my birthday extended.

red ribbon dedications cakered ribbon dedications cake1

Thank you so much, Red Roses for the love you have for me! 🙂  However, there is one thing that I had realized when we got home in Ozamis.

My Jayceeing days were the most exciting days in my life!  As I look back to it, I miss it and regret why I suddenly threw it away.  I need not explain myself and I accept that I’m being misunderstood.  For what’s the use?  What was lost has already been lost.  Just don’t put the blame on me!  Couldn’t you consider that I am also a person who is entitled to get hurt?  Then I gave it another try only to realize that there are things which are not meant for us.  But I am still glad to have found beautiful friendship.  I’m still happy to have had experienced a walk to remember with all of you.  Thanks for the Natcon experience, girls!  I may have left but in my heart, you are still treasured! 🙂

jci natcon iloilo 2013

Letting Go of Things Can Be, But Letting Go of People Can Never Be!

P.S.  This would be my last year to celebrate a birthday alone!

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