A Different Kick for Pancakes

Pancakes are the easiest pastry people of all ages can make/bake/cook.  These are by far, the simplest breakfast people from all walks of life dearly enjoy.  Pancake recipes evolved from generation to generation with a myriad of fruit and syrup add-ons.  Anything can just go perfectly well with pancakes and here’s a different kind of twist for the pancakes I serve on Sundays after church!

Since I still cannot bake after so many epic fails since high school, I just purchase a ready-to-cook pancake mix.  This Maya Complete Hotcake Mix comes in very handy for a non-baker like me.  All you have to do is just add water and there you have your perfect batter!

After mixing the batter (Do not overmix.  See package for instructions.), grease pan with butter.  Put 2-3 tablespoons of the batter on the pan, forming a circle and flip over when bubbles come out.

Prepare cheese slices and scrambled egg.  For a tastier scrambled egg, add a dash of oregano so as to give a distinct aroma for the mixture.  And for a cheesier yummyness, use Eden cheddar cheese.  I’ve been using Kraft Eden since time immemorial and you can check out other Eden cheese recipes on the related posts below.

Now let’s do the piling!  Pancake first, scrambled egg second, cheese slices third, a drizzle of pancake syrup, and another pancake on top.  Then voila!  You have now a different version of pancake meal to fuel up your day!

There you have another way of preparing pancakes for a very healthy brekky.  Clara Olé Pancake Syrup is sugar-free by the way, so you don’t have to worry if your “senior-citizen” parents want to have a piece of this.  Definitely, there’s no worry for that sugar count!

This recipe is best served with milk and banana so indulge!

More #SundayHomeCooking in my future posts, dear blog readers! 🙂

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