Disney in the Stars Fireworks

“Unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling…..”  That’s my Disney in the Stars Fireworks experience!  I stood in awe wowing while the music, lights, and fireworks are at play!  Even until now as I watch the vid I had taken, it still gives me the chills!!!!!  The fireworks display made me realize that wishes can really be granted and dreams do come true!  At the right time, we can have what our heart desires!  By the middle of the show, I almost wept tears of joy!  What I felt was beyond words!  I was just like smiling the whooole time!  I couldn’t believe I was there, I couldn’t believe that my childhood fantasies were already unfolding right on my face!  It was just so surreal but it was actually happening right before my very eyes and oh so real!!!

Haaayyyy, if ever I’ll have the chance to go back, I would really love to over and over again!  Well anyway, I know thousands of people had already uploaded videos on YouTube of the Disney fireworks.  But I also have to show mine though it was not professionally done for the purpose of sharing to you the wonderful experience I had.  So here it is:

As was written on the entrance gates of Hongkong Disneyland, “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy”, our Disney day was truly magical!

And now, let the MAGIC begin!

More blog entries to come on our HK-Macau family vacation! 🙂

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