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When our world turns upside down, we tend to put away some things for later. Just like this blog post. It has been more than 3 months now since my very first business trip (but more than a leisure trip to me)! I went to Davao on impulse with my new-found friends in Herbalife for Member Development Weekend. So here are our stops in Davao (in chronological order from Ozamiz) which ended up as mostly a food side trip and everything in between! Enjoy scrolling while drooling, guys!

I was a picky eater during childhood but Pintos captured my taste and I was so happy to have come across with this version which is creamier and tastier. Bukidnon’s Binaki is made from sweet corn and pure carabao’s milk which makes it a definitely healthy to-go snack!
Malagos Garden Resort is home of the world’s finest Malagos Chocolate. You may take a tour around their factory and don’t forget to try their Tablea ice cream which is always a hit to tourists!
Python on my shoulders for the very first time! I prefer the crawls than the claws! At Philippine Eagle Center, our national bird are really well taken cared of. When in the place, don’t forget to try their turon (candied fried banana in lumpia wrapper) in 8 variants – banana langka, ube halaya, suman malagkit, banana durian, banana apple-cinnamon, banana buko/macapuno, banana mango, and banana strawberry! Everything’s a sure must-eat!
Red Knight Gardens Apartelle in Lanang, Davao City was the place where we stayed. It feels like home there for its very spacious rooms, closets, kitchen, and living room. They have a mini pool and a manicured garden which relaxes you away from Davao’s busy city life!
A bountiful and heavenly buffet at Tong Yang Plus! Click here for the story of our gluttonous adventure in this banquetful place!
Held in captivity during Day 1 of the event! Davao Police is known to be the most dedicated ones in their profession! Thank you so much, Sirs for not only giving us directions but also sending us safely to our destination!
Night market oh la la! This is my most favorite part in every travel itinerary! Roxas Night Market is so so like Thailand’s night markets! Different street foods are just everywhere!!! From squid balls to barbecues to grilled seafood, balut, durian shakes and more, Davao’s charcoal ice cream is the dessert to be! It’s something exotic to the taste buds!
If you wanna have a feel of a five-star hotel ambiance, just feel free to enter and order coffee! Marco Polo is just adjacent to Roxas Night Market so after braving the mob, relax for a few minutes at the hotel lobby’s cafe with the blasting air conditioner. Hehe…..
We were not yet satisfied with the street food and coffee for the night so we headed to Dulce Vida Bakery+Resto of Tiny Kitchen for cheesecake!!! Oh, they just have a lot of varieties! I’m not that dessert type of person so I could never tell which cheesecake is the best. But according to sources, their’s is the best in Davao!
Davao Day 3 was a blast! The wellness tour was given by Vipada Sae-Lao, a member of the dietetic advisory board in Thailand. With this, I learned more about the products of Herbalife Nutrition which are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, diagnose any diseases.
Just like Filipinos, Indian nationals are also dotting the continents of the world and I was surprised to know that they also have a place in Davao so Indian foods are quiet plentiful around the city. Here at The 5S Box Indian Restaurant, a taste of exotic India is a must-experience! See our fooding what-about here!

And this concludes my Davao diary! And ooops, there was also our unli durian, the king of all fruits escapade which I haven’t taken photos of ‘coz I’m just a sucker of durians that I didn’t bother to get my fone anymore and just ate and ate and ate! Thank you so much for being sumptuous, Davao! I know you still have nature to offer so I will surely be coming back in a heartbeat!

Thank your for the first trip with you, the Wolf Pack! 🙂

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