Araw ng Kalayaan: Literally, I Need Freedom!!!

Today is the 115th year of Philippine independence from her conquistadores in the person of the Spaniards.  Thanks to all our Philippine heroes who had given us liberty from the hands of these foreign subjugators.

Independence Day for today in my life could have been a very memorable one if I had found somebody to replace me in my post as Chemistry Laboratory Technician/Admission Officer/Chemistry Instructor at Medina College.  Why am I so unjust in abandoning my post since classes already started last Monday?  It is because God works in mysterious yet funny ways!  I was just about to enroll at La Salle University for graduate studies when what I got there was a teaching job! So instead of getting enrolled, I got hired yesterday!  I was so happy by getting in on my very own way but my happiness is not yet full blast until now since I am still employed at Medina College.

Now the challenge is to get a replacement for me who is as smart as me, as charming as me, and as hard-working as me!  And how in the world could I find somebody like me???!!!  Nag-iisa lang ‘ata ang Miss Mae na kinagigiliwan ng lahat noh!!!  But seriously, I really really really need to be released from Medina ASAP!!!  “Please release me let me go” ang peg ko ngayon!!!

So, ako po ay nananawagan sa lahat ng mga tao dyan na may kakilala na BS Chemistry or BS Chemical Engineering graduate.  Utang na loob!!!!  Pakitulungan nyo naman po ako.  This is truly my plead now and hoping against hope that I can find you, Miss Mae #2.  If you’re a male, you are also welcome to apply ha.  Kaya, text na in this number 09306350290.  Hoping forward for your cooperation and your help will be very much appreciated and honored.

Hopefully, I will have my Araw ng Kalayaan at the soonest possible time.  Kalayaan!  Kalayaan!  Kalayaan!!!! 

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