Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Love Comes Unexpectedly

Love comes unexpectedly.  It comes at the least expected time, from the least expected person, and through the least expected way.  You’ll just be surprised by the sudden turn of events.

It comes regardless of status, regardless of age, regardless of beliefs, regardless of other circumstances thereof!  It comes, may stay for a while, may stay for a long time, or may stay forever.  May it stay or leave.  May it bring laughter or tears.  The important thing is, you’ve loved!

You are human!  You’re entitled to be crazy over love!  No matter what your love story is at the moment, it is perfectly made just for you!  So, savor it as long as it is there – as long as it lasts.  Maybe it will last for a lifetime.

May love come, may love go.  Just always open your heart to it then you’ll end up amazed by the magic it does!  Embrace love, welcome love, and stay alive!  For what is living without loving after all…

– Mary Rosalie T. Olandesca (April 2, 2010)

At the realization of being in love with him, I had written that.  Indeed, my life turned around that it was like living in a teenage dream.  I admit, every single moment I had with him were my firsts.

One look at each other’s eyes, there was understanding.  Subtle moves, waiting for each other, and secret whispers.  Goosebumps, fast heartbeats, and butterflies in the stomach.  Then it came to the point when I realized that sometimes something beautiful happens in this world, you don’t know how to express yourself so you just gotta smile!:)  Damn, I often caught myself smiling!  Contented smiles but sometimes, the eyes show wanting for more….

I didn’t expect our friendship to come that far.  We didn’t expect and try to make a “relationship” out from it for we both know our limitations.  “We” couldn’t be.  It was just enough for us to know that I was his reason to smile and he was also my reason to smile.  Though there were a lot of things left unspoken, it was OK.  We understood our situation and we understood each other.  It was the meeting of the minds, a silent agreement, a sweet attachment!  We were contented with what we had and we cherished all our moments together.

But the love just stayed for a while.  We chose not to bring it to the next level.  We chose to stop from there.  The following song best describes my reasons for not pursuing him:

And the laughter became tears.  While the rose he gave me withered, so as the love faded.  From being blissfully happy, I turned miserably blue.

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