Gosh, I’m 36!

It has been two weeks from my birthday and my “bad” mood has somehow subsided.  Is getting older really like this?  Oh, just the hype of the hormones!  Anyway, I couldn’t miss posting about my birthday and here’s what happened.  

I intentionally deactivated my FB account the night before my birthday in order to test who my friends really are.  It’s indeed true that friends do come and go.  The people whom you celebrated with last year are not the same people you’re gonna be with this year.  But there are those people who will always remain to be mainstays in your life.  In my case, I have Atsi Ann to be always the first honor to greet me on my birthday!  She never misses to be the very first person to wake me up on my birthdays.  An almost decade of friendship with her really makes me a shobe to an older sister I never had.  Thank you so much for spending the afternoon with me, Atsi Ann!  I love you to the moon, infinity, and beyond! 🙂

Aside from Atsi Ann, I still have my chogs sticking with me through the years!  Ruth has been expected year after year but Jamie was a surprise.  She dm-ed me on IG and I was so happy she remembered me on my birthday.  We’ve been years and distance apart and with all her stunts as a new mom, dropping me a message was really an act of love from her.  And never to be beaten, Cherry Ann’s pasabog made my day!  On my last class at 5PM, a bouquet of flowers was prettily waiting for me at the teacher’s table!  I didn’t know how she got it there!  It’s her hidden talent to throw surprises that way!  Thank you so much, choggies for always being there!  Just by the thought that I still have you until now makes me feel soooo loved and cherished!  Luvs yah mucho the three of you! <3

Then there were other high school friends who found ways in reaching me that day and the days that follow.  High school classmates are really for keeps now and forevermore.  Thank you so much Grakkie, Crisma, and Aithne for always, always, and always remembering me! 🙂  

Of course, there were also newcomers joining my rainbow in the name of Cathy Meow, Tita Lilibeth, May, MM, Kikay Bestie Christ, Amegang Joemari, and Manghud Eljohn who sent me their birthday wishes.  Just a simple text message of “happy birthday” could really make someone feel special on that big day! 🙂

Saving the best for last, my family is always there to love and support me.  Ours is not perfect but we stick together through thick and thin!  I love you Papa and Mama!  Please don’t get tired of me!  Haha!!!!!

And thank you so much for all the gifts I’ve received!  My birthday cake from Mama, card from our University Chancellor, Ma’am Eset, wallet from my sister Epx and adobo cake from Kuya Jun2x! 🙂

And that’s it!  A birthday post on my 36th!  Thank you so much, Lord for the good health! 🙂

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