5 Candles, 1 Wish: 37 and Driven!

I’ve been very busy! Always and always very busy! Though I’ve tried to declutter but still, busyness is in my blood! I could never stay put. Though I’m trying to learn the art of mindfulness but still, my mind always wanders. I could never clear my mind. Until I felt burnt out! Burnt out in the sense that I didn’t want to function at all as a teacher, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a business coach, a friend, a sister, and a daughter. I am just overly jaded with those much responsibilities!

However, I am very grateful beyond words for another go-around under the sun! 37 years here on Earth! Yey! Opportunity after opportunity, some I grabbed, the others I just let passed my way. But those I’ve shut out came again in a different package. Surely sometimes, life catches us by surprise! Just when we thought we’re all fine and settled, something just happens unexpectedly so we just gotta welcome it with a smile!

Well, it’s not everyday that our lives change. It’s not everyday that there’s something or someone new. True to all, it often catches us off guard. At first, I hesitated for such change to happen but I couldn’t run and hide away from it. So I just had to let it go! As I’m letting go of my attachments, my attachment to being right, to having total control, I realized that I just started living. Indeed, this process of letting go is integral to the process of becoming whole as what our yoga teacher, Yogi Anna always taught us.

Moreover, there aren’t good or bad decisions as what our high school classmate, the late Lindsay told us. But there is a corresponding consequence for every decision we make so we have to accept it. In that matter, as long as we have our support system, everything will be alright. I have circles of friends to belong to, a family to lean on and be strong for, and a LOVE that pushes me to explore more, experience growth and extraordinary happiness! In my own time, I am seen, I am heard, I am understood. I am present in my own life now, greatly inspired, and driven! So I need not frown to the busyness of my life anymore because this is my choice.

With my 5 candles on my 37th, there is only one wish. Now I am being careful on what I wish for ‘coz I just might get it as I’ve already gotten last year’s wish granted! Thank you for coming to my life! <3

5 Candles, 1 Wish

Thank you, Almighty Father for this life You’ve given! Thank you for Your unending love and faithfulness! I am truly loved by You! 🙂

Thursday Pre-Birthday with My Physics Majors
Friday Pre-Birthday with LSU MatSci Family
Saturday Birthday Lunch with Kalvin
Saturday Birthday Dinner with JCI-Ozamiz Red Rose, Batch ’99, and CCF Families
Sunday Post-Birthday with Family

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