A Thousand Years

I was never a Twilight fan but I’ve read and watched it year after year right after my craze on Harry Potter.  I first heard of this song when I was looking for a blouse at our local department store, Centrum last 2012.  I suddenly stood frozen while listening intently to the lyrics of the song.  Then I immediately concluded that this would be perfect as I’ll walk down the aisle someday (not realizing that it is indeed a wedding song used in the movie, The Twilight Saga:  Breaking Dawn).

The following day, I asked my colleagues in MUHS about the title of the song and they didn’t know what it was.  Ako pa, eh sintunado kaya ako!  So they never got what I was trying to express to them.  Then one day as I watched MTV, I heard the familiar tune again.  And kaboom, that was the song!  I finally knew of its title but unfortunately, it really was a wedding song that has already been used.  I thought it was unique but it had been used in a very big movie, much more it was for the phenomenal Edward and Bella.  So I changed my mind about “my little plan” for the song until today.

I won’t be giving you too much blah blah blah but just let me share this song to you though it is already worn-out if you might think.  Just click on below and for those who are apart from their loved one, remember that true love waits even though it takes a thousand years! 🙂

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