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Boodle – a collection or lot of persons

Fight – to use weapons or physical force to try to hurt someone, to defeat an enemy, etc. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Boodle Fight – a festive sharing of a huge complete meal in only one big platter by a group of persons using bare hands (yours truly)

Boodle fight has its origin from the Philippine Military Academy.  It is their traditional way of eating freshly-cooked food on top of banana leaves on long tables using their bare hands.  It signifies brotherhood and camaraderie that implies what you eat is also what I eat.  With this, they combat in grabbing as much food as they can and as fast, too.  And since everybody in the army is always in a hurry, they eat boodle fight in standing position.

Of course, it’s not that hygienic for some people to eat in a communal meal.  But with the Pinoy‘s unique personality, boodle fighting is not just practical and convenient for the military.  It also has become a fun way of eating together for everybody!  So during fiestas or picnics by the beach, boodle fight way of eating has claimed its name.  And today, native Filipino restos serve boodle fight.  Now thanks to Mr. Warren Tan (proprietor of Warren’s Arts and Studio) for bringing boodle fight to the big OC!

Honeybee Chick and Ribs Grill House opened last January 29, 2014 at Gomez St., Ozamis City.  Like any other grill house, it serves grilled Filipino dishes like inihaw and barbeque.  But what they’re famous for is the boodle fight!  Their boodle fight packages start from a very affordable price of P349 only for a group of 3-4 persons.  This already includes a handful of rice, pork barbeque, pork inihaw, steamed bangus, salted egg, cheesedog, and dried fish.  Plus, add-ons of softdridnks for each person is also on the house!  Their serving is very generous that the entire group would surely have its fill!


Aside from the boodle fight, Honeybee also serves roasted chicken with real honey at the least price of P130 when compared with the lechon manok price range in the city.  And for every purchase of these Honeybee roasters, a Coke in can is given as a freebie!  Isn’t that sulit enough?


I am so glad to have had my first ever boodle fight experience last Saturday for Ate Aida’s birthday!  Number 1 rule that we had, no diet for the evening!  How could you if what is laid in front of you is a whole caboodle of mouth-watering Pinoy favorites?!!!  So we gave in and indulged and even requested for an extra cup of rice.  Their pork inihaw is just so good that I also have to try their back ribs which is their specialty for my next visit.


So for a fun family and barkada experience, try boodle fighting at Honeybee!  I guarantee you, it’s something new and totally different!  Just as what Sir Warren quipped when asked why boodle fight, “just for a change…..”, it is indeed unique in its way!

And now, my definition for boodle fight would be…..

Boodle Fight – eating at your heart’s content with the one’s you love to strengthen the bonding moment! (with exclamation point for emphasis)

Thank you Sir Warren for sitting with us despite the busy floor that you had during this time!
Thank you Sir Warren for sitting with us despite the busy floor that you had during this time!
Thanks also to the very kind staff of Honeybee!
Thanks also to the very kind staff of Honeybee!
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