Getting Over It and Moving On

The third day after my last post for #yrech32 and my cursor still stays blink blink blink…..  What do I write after a very bonggacious vacation?  I don’t want my blog to be tainted just yet!  But I have to write.  I need to write.  I need to post.  So what would be my story for today?  What is worth telling for?  I even asked my students for suggestions and one student directly answered, “How to move on?”  And my initial reaction was just laugh.  I laughed at the idea and even joked him of his plight in his love life.  But here I am about to write of it now.  Haha!  Maybe that’s what everyone needs these days-a how-to in moving on.

However, moving on is not just for those who just broke their hearts.  It is about to move on to the next level, the next chapter, and for my case as a teacher, the next topic.  And same as for this blog, it’s time to move on to the next post.  I may still have a hangover from the latest trip me and my friends had, and it’s about time to get over it.  Like hello, I’m now back to reality-back to classes, back to Fascino, back to lonely walks home.  I guess that is life.  At least once in a while, we get to escape from the everyday madness we ought to face.

So for today, I’m moving on.  Not just literally here in my blog but also symbolically as a person.  29 days from now and it’s gonna be new year and I don’t have to wait for that for a new year’s resolution.  Resolutions never make into reality for my case anyway!  So I’m making it a new life for me today.  I’m moving on to a life that I never had before.  Starting today, I’ll choose happiness above anything else.  If you choose to be happy, then you’ll be happy.  Am I making sense here?  And you might say, who ever wants to be unhappy?  Of course, everyone wants to be happy!  But it’s not everyone who pursues to be happy.

Surely, problems and trials always come our way.   We cannot run away from ’em and we can never elude ’em.  It’s just a matter of how we deal with ’em.  If  I get easily down, if I get easily discouraged, if I get easily mad, and if I get easily disheartened, I’ll do my best not to be anymore.  Because it is in the state of mind and the matter of the heart that you can still be happy even though you are heavily-laden with such trials.

And so with that, that’s my moving on post for today.  Let’s stop dwelling in the past and stop being anxious for the future but let us start living for today because it is “the now” that should be lived up.  Remember that we only live once and we must make the most out of it.  🙂

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