Lablab for Kids Christmas 2017 Year 4

It’s been a week and here I am with my late post again!  Ozamiz’ veeeeerrrrryyy slow internet connection is already getting into my nerves!!!  But anyway, here’s how our fourth year of giving some loving to our dear children at Cotta Area last Dec. 29, 2017 went great!

Thank you so much, Atsi Ann Sharon T. Lee! This is now our 3rd year in this project together! More years to come for Lablab for Kids Christmas! 🙂
Thank you so much, FLIP (Rosemary Grace, Khristine Marie, Daisy Jane, and Maria Benna) for joining us this year! Thank you for bringing your kids as we teach them to love others too! Thanks to Mariben’s sissy and boyfie also! 🙂
Thank you, Ms. Rosemarie Clarete-Cranshaw for sending new best friends for the kids all the way from the US! 🙂
Thank you Dr. Bunny Lou Marie Ocampos-Binaoro and sister Lourben Ocampos-Lumasag for sending in your love! 🙂
Thanks to my senior high student, Marimar for your 2nd year with us! 🙂
Thank you, Ate Girlie for your 3rd year with us! 🙂
Thank you Papa Camilo for always being our driver! 🙂
Thank you Mama Nita, sissy Ep2x, cuzzy Vian and Rio, pamangkins Ella, Reija, and Maxxi, and neighbors Angel and Adrian for your helping hands! 🙂

For more snippets about the event, please do click on the very short vid below!

Lablab for Kids Christmas 2017 Year 4

Posted by Mary Rosalie T. Olandesca on 2017 m. gruodis 29 d.

Once again, my sincerest gratitude to everybody who made Lablab for Kids Christmas 2017 a success!  Thanks for answering our call for collaboration, guyths!  Let me just reiterate that this is not my project but this is everybody’s so for all those who want to join us this coming December 2018, you are all welcome!  The exact date would be on the day of ICC-La Salle’s Alumni Homecoming since I’ve noticed that for the past years, Lablab for Kids Christmas always falls on that same day.  So, let’s start savin’ up to give some lovin’ to our less fortunate kids in our beloved Ozamiz City!  Let’s find another location again as we originally planned to rotate each year! 🙂  And for you who’s reading this, you may drop in your queries at or read more on the related posts below.  Let’s all get excited for our Year 5 together!  See you then! 🙂

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