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Hey, everyone!  It’s been a li’l while since my last post.  Hashtag, teacher duty!  I was sent here in Cagayan de Oro City for a three-week training in the new Science, Technology, and Society course.  The training was a bit tedious and I also indulged myself into other activities to make the most out of my sojourn here in CDO thus, making me pass up social media.  Anyway, I’m free for an hour today so let me share to you our day-out at Ultra Winds Mountain Resort yesterday with my classmates and our trainers!

Billiard and Ping Pong Tables for the Indoorsies

Albeit my knowledge, Ultra Winds is actually located at Convention Center Access Road, Brgy. Pualas, Baungon, Bukidnon.  I thought it’s still part of CDO but as I open their website now, it’s actually Bukidnon.  So, I’ve had a sidetrip at Bukidnon during my stay here?  That’s pretty amazing!  Well, thanks CHED for the opportunity!  (Watch out for my post on my experience during CHED General Education Training next week.)

Though Ultra Winds is already part of Bukidnon, it is very accessible to get there from Cagayan de Oro City proper.  It’s just like being in two places at once just like when we had our whitewater rafting.  We departed from Xavier University at 9:10 AM and arrived at Ultra Winds in less than an hour through Brgy. Macasandig.  We only rode on jeepneys but if you get lucky, you may rode on the resort’s Hummer for they also offer this service to their guests.  The way was a bit bumpy, dusty, and very steep.  If you’re driving, switch to 2 or L from D upon going up.

Cabanas and Cottages Around the Pools

Once on top, you can see a bird’s eye view of CDO.  The experience was just like what I had with High Ridge but Ultra Winds has their infinity pools which is great for family staycations.  We haven’t checked out their hotel rooms so better visit their official website here.  Aside from staying in their comfortable rooms, you may also try glamping in the place!  Explore the great outdoors again and go on an adventure with their zipline though it’s shorter than that of Dahilayan‘s.  In addition, they have a functional hall that could cater big events like weddings and debuts.

Now let’s go to the food because lunch was our reason to be there.  In my opinion, I haven’t tasted any remarkable dish that we can say, “Let’s go up Ultra Winds for their crispy pata or whatsoever.”  It’s unlike the one we have back home that we have to drive an hour and fifteen minutes just to eat Mon‘s halo-halo at Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur.  Moreover, the resort was not that prepared to cater big orders.  Maybe they just anticipate big crowds on weekends.  We ate past 1 o’clock when we placed our orders by 11 AM.  Hehe!  Anyway, experience-wise?  It’s like what we had at Malasag.

There’s still time to catch up for summer, guys!  Book your staycation now at Ultra Winds Mountain Resort! #tosomfeatures

With Trainers Ms. Analyn Asok, PhD, RCh and Ms. Melodina Estoce, RCh

P.S.  Some photos are grabbed from my STS classmates.  🙂

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