La Salle-Ozamiz’ Candle Lighting for Servando

Students, faculty, staff, and administrators of La Salle University-Ozamiz gathered at the SC Grounds of the said university for a symbolic protest against hazing and a prayer for justice for Guillo Cesar Servando yesterday, July 2, 2014 at 6:00 PM.  It was June 30, Sunday when the whole country was appalled by the news of another youth being taken away with life through hazing.  Servando was only 18 years old and was an HRM student of De La Salle University – College of St. Benilde when he was fetched at McDonald’s Taft together with others and was given his last night on earth.

As a fellow Lasallian, it just breaks my heart upon hearing it.  It’s just so sad dying young and knowing that there’s still a lot to do with his life.  So what’s with this hazing thing?  Hazing is part of the initiation rites before a neophyte is accepted into a fraternity or sorority.  It is being done by brutal physical means as these organizations believed to be what they call as “brotherhood” or “sisterhood”.  So despite the passing of Republic Act No. 8049 or the anti-hazing rally in 1995, this practice still remains prevalent and unchecked these days.  Year after year, hazing deaths just break the news and cases were left unresolved.

In this matter, Lasallian schools take heart in reminding their students to refrain from joining fraternities or sororities.  As Br. Dennis M. Magbanua FSC, President and Chancellor of the College of Saint Benilde stated in his letter to Benildean students on the recent hazing incident,

“Brotherly Care not Brutal Hazings.

and Real Friendships not Ruthless Frats.

Therefore, choose God not Gangs.”

Let us all be reminded that we can still have “brotherhood” or “sisterhood” without joining frats.

Photo Grabbed from La Salle University Ozamiz' FB Page
Photo Grabbed from La Salle University Ozamiz’ FB Page

Let’s continue to pray for the soul of our brother, Guillo Cesar Servando.  Let’s wear black or white shirts tomorrow to express our moral support to his family and remind us to stop hazing and promote peaceful camaraderie instead.

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