Bon Voyage, Epyat! :)

My sissy, April flies back to Singapore today.  After two weeks of staycationing here in the big OC, she now goes back to her real world where she excels more as a registered nurse.  Way back in 2007 when she had her nursing job here in our local hospital, she wasn’t compensated well since nurses act as volunteers here in the Philippines.  And if you say volunteers, they are only given the minimum transportation and one meal allowance per day.  Luckily, she had an opportunity to work at our aunt’s hospital in Lipa City and there she got the chance to apply abroad!  So for already three years plus now, she has been working in a land of milk and honey which she also shares to us!

With My Sissy April

We are so lucky for what she has, she shares to us.  What she eats, she lets us taste.  And what she does for luxury to herself, she lets us experience!  She is so generous not only to us, her family but also to her friends.

Tres Marias

May the Lord God forever bless you, our langga!  We always pray for your good health and protection.  May God give you physical strength and may He guide you in all your undertakings!  We love you so much! 🙂 Mwahugz! <3

Welcoming New Year 2014
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