Dreaming of an Afternoon English Tea Party

Two months from now and I’ll be turning 3_!  Huwaaatttt???!!!!  Now I feel napag-iwanan na ng panahon.  This just creeps on me these days.  When friends are celebrating monthsaries and anniversaries with their special someone, I’m celebrating mine with Fascino.  When friends are posting pics of their babies, I’m posting pics of my merchandise.  Yeah, I may have a career, money, and all the love and support of my family but still, there’s something missing.  But I don’t wanna talk about this tonight.  I already promised here in my blog not to post nega stuffs and I just want all to be joy, joy, joy.  So allow me to share to you my thoughts on how I would like to celebrate my 3_!

Two years ago, we booked tickets to Albay for our JCI national convention which by chance fell on the week of my birthday!  So I decided to throw a small party for my Red Roses with Mt. Mayon as our backdrop right onKagsawa ruins.  I imagined a little picnic in the garden with my ladies donning their frilly dresses and brim hats to make it something like an English tea party!  You know how I love tea so much and I would like them to experience tea the way that I do.  Then we’re gonna be having muffins and cupcakes with some sort of activity like designing your own cakes and take unlimited photos of our outfits and the place.  It would be a fun-filled afternoon delight as I dreamed of but that didn’t come to pass…..

Like, hey!  That’s Mt. Mayon with plenty of visitors and you’re not gonna have privacy ‘coz it’s a public place and who’s gonna take care of the tables, chairs, tea sets, tea, and cupcakes?  We’re not from there and we don’t know anyone from there who weren’t busy at that time.  I couldn’t request the host chapter for assistance of course because they were already taking care of thousands of delegates from all over the country.  So that dream was just left as a dream…..  Can I have that dream materialize this year?

tea partytea party 2

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Oh, how I wish to taste this sweet dream!  Afternoon English tea party, do come into a reality!  <3

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