Vietnam’s Countryside

As depicted in Thăng Long Water Puppet Show, Vietnam’s main livelihood is agriculture with its vast lands and fishing with its numerous rivers.  As we went our way to Ha Long Bay, we saw boundless rice fields as expansive and as far as our eyes could see.

vietnam country
It’s also part of the Vietnamese culture to bury the dead owner of the land to his very own land.  So don’t be surprised that there are gravestones dotting the wide rice fields.  As our tour guide, Tun joked, “That’s why Vietnamese rice is delicious”.  “Because you use human fertilizer,” I added.  Hehe…..

rice field vietnamSole Gravestones in Meters Apart

vietnam ricefield

A Family Estate

Fresh produce line up the highways and private cars can just pull over to buy.  That’s Tun buying watermelon for his wife and cute little boy.

vietnam rice field
Rivers flow abundantly in Vietnam.  Aside from farming, fishing also takes a big part of the locals’ livelihood. Though we haven’t visited a river market, let me use my sissy April’s photos when she went to Ho Chi Minh City last February.

vietnam river
Watch out for our Ha Long Bay adventure tomorrow only here on The Other Side of Mae! 🙂 #tosomtravels

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