Weeklong 2nd Year Anniv Special: Featuring the Blogger Herself!

Finally, the day has come for the last post of this blog’s Weeklong 2nd Year Anniv Special!  And since it’s Friday which is in time for Feature Friday, there is no other business, person, or thing that I would want to feature but only me, myself, and I!  Parang I super love myself lang ang peg! (wicked grin) Hehe….

But who really is MAE?  Why do I have “the other side”?  Well, as previously mentioned in The Evolution of “The Other Side of Mae”, this is my side which is not usually and normally seen.  This is my side which surprises people of my creativity, my radical thoughts, and my “kababawan” at times.  This is my side of self-expression and self-gratification!

Now, who really am I?  To my cousins and childhood playmates, I am Mimi.  To my aunties and uncles, I am Mikay.  To my elementary classmates, I am Rosalie but to Stalin Mirabueno, I am Mary Rosalie.  To my high school classmates, I am Osang.  To my college buddies, I am Mae but to Esmael Larubis, I am Mengkay.  To my call center teammates, I am Miss Blair.  To my JCI-Ozamis Red Rose family, I am B.  To my students, I am Miss Mae but to my anaks, I am Ma’amy, Ma’ama, and Ma’amsky.  To my pamangkins, I am Tita Mae.  And to my sisters, I am Ate.

With the varied names and nicknames I have, this just reflects my multiple personality.  (not that I’m psychologically off, ha!)  This just shows that I am everything under the sun!  And this has been being realized to me by my previous MUHS colleague, Reloufe Balucan through her comment in my post in FB:

Comment #1  Datu na kaau ka (I am rich!)

Yes, I am!  But the richness that I would want is not yet at hand.  I don’t have a mansion and a car, yet!  I don’t have breakfast in Singapore, lunch in Japan, and dinner in France, yet!  But I am so thankfully blessed by God that I have a job and a store to run.  These sources of income are super dooper hard-earned!  Dugo at pawis lang naman ang pinuhunan ko dito!  So sa mga naiinggit dyan, just envy me but DO NOT take things away from me!  ‘Coz if you’ll do again, you’ll never prosper!

Comment #2  Gwapa pa jud  (I am pretty!)

Of course, I am!  My mom made me believe that I am and I’m an obedient child so, I am!  Kebs ko sa inyo dyan kung sa tingin nyo hindi ako maganda!  Would I become a model if I am not?

Comment #3  Buutan pa jud  (I am kind!)

Ever since childhood, I’ve never gone into fights.  I didn’t engage into quarreling my classmates or playmates.  When they teased me, I just cried in the corner of the room.  I am such a person without an enemy!  Ang galing, ‘no?  Because I am such a peace-maker!  I don’t want troubles, hassles, or chaos.  If somebody does bad to me, I just let it pass.  I am not the type who does “tooth for a tooth and eye for an eye” because I do believe in karma.  That whatever you do, it will come back to you!  So for everybody who stepped down on me, underestimated me, and took advantage of me, bad karma will surely hunt you forever and ever and ever!

Comment #4  Kugihan pa jud (I am hard-working!)

With all the rakets I have, I am truly a true blue hard-working citizen!  Lahat na nga yata napasukan ko!  It’s because I have to earn as much as a chemical engineer does in the chemical plant industry.  Sad to say, I still don’t match that big earning but I’m still happy because I am not hindered to do the things that I love!

Comment #5  Bryt pa jud  (I am intelligent!)

I passed the Chemical Engineering board exam (Period!)  Magtatanong ka pa ba?

Comment #6  Sexy pa diay  (I am sexy!)

This sexiness is also hard-earned!  But it all boils down to loving your own body so it will show that you are sexy!


E-capslock mo para intense!  Waaaahhhhh!!! I’m already turning 31 this October and yet, I am still NBSB!!!  What a record-holder I am!!!  With all the good qualities I have, I am such a great catch, you know!  But why isn’t there somebody discovering me?!  What an irony!!!  And they say that men will get intimidated by me.  Panawagan lang po, hindi po ako nangangagat!

So there goes who I am!  I am just light to the bones, good to the heart, and acceptable to the stomach!  Love love love, everyone! 🙂

Baliw-Baliwan Me! Credits to Christ for the Photos
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