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I’ve always been a master planner for everything!  I planned my to-do lists, my to-buy lists, what to wear the next day, and even the littlest detail as to what FB status I would post for the next minute!  I planned because I wanted things to be oh so-perfect for the little miss perfect me!

But since I became the president of our chapter, I had stopped planning in advance.  I don’t know why but it seemed like “my” plannings didn’t work out that well.  So I just injected in my mind not to plan things to be perfect anymore and would just let life take me by surprise instead.

So, I didn’t plan my trip to attend the Presidents’ Midyear Academy.  To start with, I didn’t get tickets for my way to Bohol (usually I book tickets a month before my travel date).  As a consequence, I got stranded in Cebu which made me super late for the academy.  So based from my oh so-sablay experience, allow me to share with you some amateurishly-designed travel tips.

Travel Tip #1:  Decide right away!

If you are asked to go some place, decide right away whether to go or not to go.  Do not be fickle-minded because if you would delay this, this would be the cause of all the delays waiting ahead of your trip.

Travel Tip #2:  Book tickets right away!

If you had made up your mind where to go, book tickets right away.  Surf the net for the most accessible mode of transport.  And since it’s time everyone flies, you might get reasonably-priced accommodations.

Travel Tip #3:  Travel light!

Only pack the necessities.  Do not bring extra clothes and extra footwear.  Mix and match your outfits, fix ‘em, and stick with ‘em.  It’s regretful to go back home with only half of your luggage got soiled.

Travel Tip #4:  Stick with the itinerary!

Do not detour.  If there’s already an itinerary, follow it.  Do not go with the flow and leave the itinerary in an impulse.  Think twice before going somewhere else or you might end up getting to a place where you had been to before.

But as always, all things work together for good.  I may have missed major things from the academy, then again life took me by surprise!

Surprise #1

For the millionth time, I became an instant tour guide for my fellow delayed presidents in Cebu.  I let them walk and rode on jeepneys as I brought them to Basilica Minore del Santo Niῆo de Cebu and Magellan’s Cross.


Surprise #2

I was in the same fastcraft with my fave South Border vocalist, Luke Mijares.


Surprise #3

I was warmly-welcomed by all the cuties of JCI-Davao at the peir.


Surprise #4

I graduated from the academy with only 1 ½ topics attended.


Surprise #5

I received my president shirt jock especially hand-carried by the Secretary General, Atty. Mark Lester Manalo.

jci philippines

Surprise #6

I got a more picturesque photo with the chocolate hills compared with what I had 6 years ago.

choco hills

Surprise #7

I got to visit the miraculous well of Our Lady of the Assumption at Dauis Church and the 65-year old forever young, Bayoyoy as featured in Rated K by Korina Sanchez.

assumption bohol
bayoyoy bohol

Surprise #8

Nonetheless, I got the opportunity to bond with Tita Lilibeth (PP, Ozamiz Red Rose), Pres Boyet (Pagadian Heights), Pres Arvin (Calamba Jose Rizal), Pres Choy (San Pablo 7 Lakes), Pres Onie and wife Cathy (Tacloban), Pres Ron (Baguio Inc.), Pres Bryan (Catbalogan), Pres Cathy (Sta. Rosa Prima), Pres Jofer and wife Pres Cathy (Kabankalan), and Pres Maleth (Bohol Chocolate Hills).

jci officers jaycees philippines

Then all the delays of my trip were all worth it!  And as I mulled things over today, I realized that it’s not the sablays that matter but the people I met along the journey matter most.

So to whoever plans a trip, do consider the above-mentioned tips.  Just don’t expect too much for things to happen according to plan so you might also double the surprises apart from the mishaps that would have happened.

Hurray to the delayed presidents!  Hurray that I had survived my trip from Tagbilaran – Jagna – Cagayan de Oro – Ozamiz alone!  (another consequence of my negligence)

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Bohol tarsier and chocolate hills

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