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After a week of our #TabangGikanSaMindanao campaign, the Formula for Help had finally sailed to Northern Cebu last Sunday, November 17!  This is again, for the goal of coming to an aid to super typhoon Yolanda survivors.  For a week, #TGSM had raised a total of 673 packs of the Formula for Help for Visayas!

Isn’t it great to experience how God works?  For #TGSM is not an organization nor a political pursuit but it is a collaborative effort of the young professionals in Misamis Occidental!  We are all volunteers who are acting upon a call to help.  Now here are some photos of our packing and loading at Suico’s residence for the first wave of TGSM’s distribution of relief goods:

Packing with the Cool Mom of Suico brothers
Packing with the Corbos, Ma’am Sherile, and Seance
Filipino Bayanihan Spirit
Strategic Planning for the First Wave of Distribution
#TGSM Team Leader
The Best Volunteer – My Papa

So last Monday, November 18, #TabangGikanSaMindanao had reached Medellin, Northern Cebu.  These were what the team had spotted when they arrived – the tragic aftermath of typhoon Yolanda:

Photos by Rio de Barras @tazdb143 via Instagram

Then the team #TGSM distributed the Formula for Help.  We hope (as everybody does) that through this, the Yolanda survivors can feel that everybody cares for them.  In this time, there ain’t no Luzon, Visayas, nor Mindanao for we are one Philippines!  We are one country in trial and altogether, we will be one country to rise up!

Photos by Rio de Barras @tazdb143 via Instagram

And to all of you who had made this movement possible, thank you once again!  Thank you so much to everybody who had supported, donated and volunteered!  Thank you so much for sending your love to Visayas and that love had finally reached them through the first wave of #TGSM’s relief operation.  Thank you to all of us! 🙂

Kudos to Team #TGSM!

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#TabangGikanSaMindanao is on its way to its second wave of relief operation for there are still people who made pahabol of their help.  Additionally, a concert for a cause is cookin’ up so stay tuned in 100.7 Cool Radio for more info.

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