Personal Collection’s New Product Launch

Last Saturday, I was invited by Personal Collection Ozamiz for the launching of their new Nature’s Way Aloe Vera System Shampoo with Conditioner.  The event was informational for we were given the do’s and don’t’s in taking care or treating our hair.  Especially now that salon treatments are becoming cheaper with promos left and right, we easily get convinced to have our hair treated not knowing that such treatments can actually damage our hair.  So with this, it’s better to go back to the basics.  And “basics” here means the natural way in taking care of our crowning glory.

With that, Personal Collection aims to promote nature’s best for healthier and shinier hair!  It is not new to us that Aloe Vera has been used even by our ancestors to thicken their hair.  Aside from that, it also conditions and reduces dandruff.  With its tried and tested proven result, it is the main ingredient of Nature’s Way Shampoo with Conditioner.  Moreover, the new products have chic and stylish packaging, come in 3 variants, and further improved with Italian olive oil.  So you don’t only get thicker and healthier hair but also shinier and more manageable hair!  You can also save on salon treatments for you don’t need hot oil nor hair cellophane anymore once you use Nature’s Way regularly.

After the short talk and videos shown, parlor games were played for Personal Collection’s ladies to enjoy!  The mommys, lolas, manangs, and ates including my storekeeper, Jing2x enjoyed the games and everybody got their prices as well as samples of Nature’s Way Shampoo and Conditioner.

Thanks for the invites, Personal Collection Ozamiz! ‘Till next time! 🙂

Wanna get to try Nature’s Way Aloe Vera System Shampoo with Conditioner?  Visit Fascino along Gomez St., Ozamiz City (beside Mom’s Sweet Delight, across Kinny’s Bakeshop) for we are already a Franchise Associate Manager of Personal Collection Ozamiz!  See you! 🙂


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