JuChoRi Craft Café

New, new, new hang-out in the big OZ!  Here’s now a version of Café Noriter and Café Tiala Princess Room ofCebu in Ozamiz – the JuChoRi Craft Café.  At first, you might think that the name is something Korean but it’s not.  It’s actually a combination of names of the three children of Sir Warren Tan’s business partner.  Ju for Julian, Cho for Jericho, and Ri for Jomari.  A unique name beautifully crafted for a unique hang-out.  Finally, we now have a dainty, pretty, and charming big doll house here in our city where we can play and make pretend that we are Barbie dolls or Precious Moments dolls.

JuChoRi Craft Café is located just a few meters away from our store which is along Gomez Street, still the same building of Sir Warren’s former Warben Photolab and Honeybee Chick and Ribs Grill House (Oh, how I miss the baby back ribs!).  When we got stressed one very busy afternoon last December at Fascino, we checked into the café as a breather before going home.  Truly, we were relieved with the cozy ambiance of the place.  The pastel colors all over relaxed our minds and artsy things are also strewn around bringing in delight to our eyes.

Since they were still in their soft opening last December, we only had their specialty of the house which is the burger and the fried chicken in barbecue sauce.  The burger is so delectable with its savory sauce and the patty is really thick.  I just suggest that they’ll also have some fries alongside with it for these two are always a perfect tandem.  Anyway, the chicken is also delish but the serving is quiet small.  I hope that they can get bigger cuts in the market for customers’ greater satisfaction.  In addition, the coolers are also good and mason jars or taller glasses for these can do the trick for more IG hearts.  Again, they were still in soft opening at the time so I guess the next time I’ll visit the place, it’s gonna be at par with cafés in big cities.  ‘Coz the food is already good as is that’ll keep you coming back.  So not just our eyes got busog but also our tummies!

On the other hand, the place is two-story so it’s also a nice venue for little parties, get-togethers, or after-parties.  I’m actually eyeing the place for a dream blog launching or book reading if I’m already capable or fit to be a true blue blogger or writer.  Wahaha!!!!  Sarap mangarap!  Though I haven’t realized one dream yet which is hosting an afternoon tea party for my friends, still I’m having another dream this big.  Haha!!!  That’s just how I fell in love with the interiors of JuChoRi that inspires me to dream again.  Photos here might not give justice to the place so I promise to bring a real camera the next time I’ll visit.


So for a feast for the eyes and feast for the stomach, visit JuChoRi Craft Café and get a wow to your afternoon! #tosomeats

 For those who doesn’t know yet, JuChoRi is now serving full-packed meals from starters, soup, to main course.  It’s a sure feast for the whole family!

juchori ozamiz

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