Hoi Hoi Hoi Hanoi!

Finally, Hanoi happened to me one daydream sa pangarap for just $750.  Finally, Hanoi happened to me magaan sa bulsa ’cause it’s just $750.  Finally, woah…..  Finally!

hanoi vietnam

Hahaha!  There goes my version of the very famous Ariel commercial jingle.  And that tells the absolute truth!  I had my recent out of the country trip for only 750 USD!  That’s how affordable Hanoi is!  For just $750 all-in, I had budgeted round-trip airfares from Ozamiz to Hanoi via Manila, Makati side trip, Hanoi hotel, hotel transfers, Ha Long Bay cruise with lunch, entrance fees to attractions, food, food, and more food, souvenirs, andpasalubong.  I just felt like a millionaire in Hanoi!

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam.  It is a chaotic city in the northern part of the country being dubbed as the motor scooter city.  Scooters run fast and furious all over the streets that you just have to close your eyes while crossing because they won’t come to a halt to give way to you.  Though there are pedestrian lanes and traffic lights, they still run pass to you but not at you.  Drivers are also careful not to run anyone down so just boldly trust yourself and confidently cross the streets without hesitations.  Hehe……

scooters hanoi
Banyan trees are everywhere in the city.  Such trees are not haunted in Vietnam as what we Filipinos believe and they become part of the tourist attractions.

vietnam, banyan tree
Anyway, me and travel companion Em-em were lucky that we went to Vietnam not knowing that there was a big celebration going on.  It was the country’s 40th Reunification Day on April 30 so the entire city was decorated for the revelry!  Apart from that, the locals were also in high spirits for they had their holiday for one whole week so we were greeted with real good mood in preparation for their festivities.

vietnam history
The flowers are a beaut in full bloom around the city’s central park which are being well-maintained by the Vietnamese manangs.

vietnam roseroses vietnam
Members of an organization in military costume visiting the city gate.  One of them was very warm that he allowed picture-taking with us.

vietnam 40th reunification day
Kids having their portraits done by Vietnamese local artists at the park on an easy Sunday morning.

vietnamese kids
Pretty Vietnamese gals in national costume, áo dài having their pictorial at the parks.  I don’t know why they do this but I see them everywhere.  They really hire photographers for this.

vietnamese girls
Vietnam’s flags waving everywhere just like here in the Philippines when we celebrate our Independence Day every 12th day of June.

vietnam flag
That’s only a tiny fraction of Hanoi.  Stay tuned tomorrow as I take you to the historical sights of the city only here on The Other Side of Mae!  🙂 #tosomtravels

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